What is my SP account number?

What is my SP account number?

If you are currently with SP Group, you will you will have to key in this number under the “SP/MSSL Account Number” field when you enter your details. It is a 10-digit number that can start with 0 until 8. You can find this on the top right corner of your SP Group utilities bill.

How do I get my deposit back from SP Services?


  1. If you are moving to a new home, please close the existing account and open a new one.
  2. Your security deposit will be used to offset the final charges.
  3. The final balance, if any, will be refunded to your GIRO account or mailed to you by cheque, within a month.

How do you chat with SP?

For quicker support, head to the SP Utilities app and click on the “Help” button for answers to commonly asked questions. You can also chat with our agents via our live chat function on the SP Utilities app. Check it out at spgrp.sg/mobileapp.

How do I enable SP services?

1. Submit Your SP Services Online Application

  1. Copies of your NRIC or FIN (both the front and back)
  2. Proof of occupancy of your home (e.g. your tenancy agreement)
  3. A completed and signed SP Services Application Form For Utilities Account (download one here)

What are utilities give an example?

Utilities mean useful features, or something useful to the home such as electricity, gas, water, cable and telephone. Examples of utilities are brakes, gas caps and a steering wheel in a car. Examples of utilities are electricity and water. Plural form of utility.

How do I stop SP services?

3 Ways To Terminate Your SP Services Account

  1. Terminate Via The SP Utilities App.
  2. Fill Up The Online Termination Form And Mail it In. You can also email them at [email protected]
  3. Walk into the SP Customer Service Centre.

How much is SP service deposit?

How Much Is The Security Deposit? The security deposit amount ranges from $40 to $400 for Singaporeans/ Permanent Residents, and from $80 to $800 for non-Singaporeans/ Permanent Residents.

How do I cancel SP utilities?

What is SP electricity rate?

The current electricity tariff, exclusive of GST, is 24.11 cents per kWh. Details of the electricity tariffs are available at SP Group. Residential consumers in Singapore buy electricity from SP Group, a market support services company regulated by the EMA.

Where can I contact SP Group in Singapore?

Mailing Address. SP Group. 2 Kallang Sector. Singapore 349277. Billing / Utilities Account EnquiriesMondays – Fridays (8am – 6pm); Saturdays (8am – 1pm) 1800 222 2333. Electricity Supply InterruptionElectricity Service Centre (24-Hour Hotline) 1800 778 8888.

How to contact SPS for first time issues?

First-time issues should be directed to the SPS Customer Service Department at 800-258-8602. If you still have an unresolved issue or are dissatisfied with the service you have received from SPS, click this link for information about how you can contact…

Where do I go to apply for SP Services?

Just head to the SP Services website here. In order to start your SP Services application online, you will have to fill up your personal details, residential address and decide whether you require gas supply (which is optional). Electricity and water supply are compulsory.

How to set up utilities with SP Services?

So you just moved into your new home and you are busy shopping online for swanky furniture, but have you settled your basic utilities like electricity, water and gas supply with SP Services by opening an account?