What is the point of Aristophanes myth?

What is the point of Aristophanes myth?

Aristophanes explains that people now are in search of their other half, and when one finds another to love and reproduce with, that person is their other half. Here we see that this myth provides an explanation for why human beings search for romantic and sexual partners.

What is the point of Aristophanes myth is he right about love?

Aristophanes says his speech explains “the source of our desire to love each other.” He says, “Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.

What is the main idea of Plato’s Symposium?

A symposium in Greek, literally means a drinking party. But Plato’s Symposium takes the occasion of a drinking party first to praise Love and then to define it. It is a philosophical dialogue, in which meaning is created in the exchange of words between the participants. Each person in turn makes a speech.

How does Aristophanes end up defining Eros?

Agathon follows Aristophanes, and his speech sees Eros as youthful, beautiful, and wise; and as the source of all human virtues. According to her, Eros is not a god but is a spirit that mediates between humans and their objects of desire. Love itself is not wise or beautiful but is the desire for those things.

What does Plato say about soulmates?

According to Plato ‘Symposium’, “Love is a desire for beauty – a value that transcends the particularities of the physical body.” Plato’s idea about soulmates is “[Each] one longed for its other half, and so they would throw their arms about each other, weaving themselves together, wanting to grow together.” As per …

Did Plato say Love is a serious mental disease?

Plato said that ‘love is a grave mental disease’ and, if you’ve ever been in love you would probably agree with him.

What are the main points of Diotima’s message to Socrates?

Diotima has Socrates agree that everyone always wants good things and happiness to be theirs forever. In that case, everyone would be a lover, but we only call certain people lovers.

Why is the symposium important?

The symposium (or symposion) was an important part of ancient Greek culture from the 7th century BCE and was a party held in a private home where Greek males gathered to drink, eat and sing together. Various topics were also discussed such as philosophy, politics, poetry and the issues of the day.

What is the object of love according to Socrates Diotima?

Socrates and Diotima agree that love is the desire to have the good forever.

What political view did Plato and Aristotle share?

And they were grappling with many of the same political questions. Plato and Aristotle both developed important ideas about government and politics. Two of the many political subjects that these men wrote about were tyranny and the rule of law. Tyranny occurs when absolute power is granted to a ruler.

What is the summary of aristophanes’speech by Plato?

Symposium by Plato Summary and Analysis of The Speech of Aristophanes. Aristophanes’ speech focuses on Human Nature and a mythical account of how Love plays out among humans. First he explains that long ago there were three types of human beings: male, female, and androgynous, a form made up of male and female elements.

Who are the main characters in Plato’s Symposium?

Plato’s Symposium dates circa 385-370 BC. It depicts a competition among a group of notable figures at a banquet that takes the form of a series of impromptu speeches. Among the participants are the philosopher Socrates, the politician and military leader Alcibiades, and the playwright Aristophanes.

Why was Eros important in the speech of Aristophanes?

On the other hand, with enough piety, humans can return to their original form. Eros is a leader in piety. It can cause impious action, such as adultery, but is conducive to piety because of its goal of reunion as a reward for piety. Although comedic elements are used (Aristophanes is a comedic poet), a sad tone runs throughout the speech.

What did Eryximachus do at the symposium in Plato?

At the symposium (a Greek ritual banquet that includes libations to the gods, hymns, and drinking wine), Eryximachus, a doctor, proposes that they take turns giving speeches in praise (also called eulogies) of Love, or the god Eros. Get the entire The Symposium LitChart as a printable PDF.