What does the company Braskem do?

What does the company Braskem do?

Braskem operates in the chemical and petrochemical industry and plays a significant role in other production chains that are essential to economic development. In this context, chemicals and plastics help create sustainable solutions that improve people’s lives in areas such as housing, food and transportation.

What kind of company is Braskem?

petrochemical company
Braskem is a Brazilian petrochemical company headquartered in São Paulo. The company is the largest petrochemical company in Latin America and has become a major player in the international petrochemical market (8th largest resin producer worldwide)….Braskem.

Type Sociedade Anônima
Website braskem.com

Where is Braskem located?

UNITED STATES. With administrative headquarters located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Braskem America has five polypropylene (PP) plants: three in Texas (La Porte, Oyster Creek and Seadrift), one in Pennsylvania (Marcus Hook) and one in West Virginia (Kenova).

When was Braskem founded?

August 16, 2002, São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil

Is Braskem state owned?

Petr61eo Brasileiro S.A. – Petro bras (“Petrobras”), Brazil’s state-controlled oil company, owned 36.1 % of the shares of BRASKEM. 5. Braskem Incorporated Limited (“Braskem Incorporated”) was a wholly- owned subsidiary of BRASKEM.

Where are petrochemicals used?

Petrochemicals are used to manufacture thousands of different products that people use daily, including plastics, medicines, cosmetics, furniture, appliances, electronics, solar power panels, and wind turbines.

Is polyethylene a polyolefin?

Polyolefins are a family of polyethylene and polypropylene thermoplastics. They are produced mainly from oil and natural gas by a process of polymerisation of ethylene and propylene respectively. Their versatility has made them one of the most popular plastics in use today.

Who is the CEO of Braskem?

Roberto Simões (Jan 1, 2020–)

How many employees does Braskem have?

Braskem/Number of employees

What products are made of petrochemicals?

The six basic petrochemicals are ethylene, propylene, butylenes, benzene, toluene, and xylenes. These six petrochemicals can be made into plastics, nylons, polyesters, etc., that are then transformed into items like bicycle helmets, lightweight car bumpers, space suits, medical devices and wind turbines.

What kind of products does Braskem chemical company produce?

Its basic petrochemical units account for the supply of ethylene and propylene to the company’s nearby polymer units. The company also produces other chemical products such as benzene, butadiene, toluene, xylene and isoprene.

How many tons of thermoplastic resin does Braskem produce?

With 36 industrial plants spread across Brazil, United States, Mexico and Germany, the company produces over 16 million tons of thermoplastic resins and other petrochemicals per year. Braskem is the world’s leading biopolymers producer with its 200,000 tons Green PE plant that produces polyethylene from sugarcane -based ethanol .

Where does Braskem produce polyethylene in the world?

Braskem is the world’s leading biopolymers producer with its 200,000 tons Green PE plant that produces polyethylene from sugarcane -based ethanol . Braskem controls the three largest petrochemical complexes in Brazil, located in the cities of Camaçari, Bahia, Mauá, São Paulo and Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul.

Where is the headquarters of Braskem in Germany?

Braskem Europe is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with two plants in Schkopau and Wesseling. Braskem Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of Braskem S.A.