How does a fish move Class 6?

How does a fish move Class 6?

Fishes swims by moving its body and tail in opposite direction to each other, they stretch the body and relaxing the tail in opposite direction this forms a curve, then quickly the body moves other side and the tail on the opposite this creates the jerk and pushes the fish in forward direction.

How does fish movement in water?

Method: The structure of fishes help in their locomotion, mainly fins and tails. At the time of swimming, the tail is beat from side to side by relaxations and alternative contraction of the muscles, which is on the opposite of the vertebral column. So, the body of fish moves forward rapidly in water.

How locomotion occurs in a finned fish?

The dorsal and anal fins of many fish are capable of undulating movements, in which a series of oscillating waves travel along the fin. These muscularly generated waves provide a steady, if not intense, forward thrust.

What body part does fish use to move?

Most fishes generate thrust using lateral movements of their body and caudal fin, but many other species move mainly using their median and paired fins.

What part of your body can you bend?

Our body is capable of many movements. You can rotate your arm at the shoulder in a circular movement and stretch your arm sideways. You can bend your arm at the elbow and the leg at the knee.

Why can our elbow move backwards?

(c) Our elbow cannot move backwards because it has a hinge joint which allows the movement in one plane only.

How do fish go up and down?

Most fish rise and sink in the water the same way a helium-filled balloon or a hot air balloon rises and sinks in the air. Buoyancy is caused by a difference in fluid pressure at different levels in the fluid. Particles at the lower levels are pushed down by the weight of all the particles above them.

Which fish is slowest in locomotion?

GOFIGURE! The dwarf seahorse ( H. zosterae) is the slowest swimming fish on the planet, using dorsal fins to propel and pectoral fins to steer.

Which fin is a pair?

The bottom fin at the back of the fish is called the anal fin. The tail fin is called the caudal fin. Pectoral and pelvic fins come in pairs. Dorsal, anal, and caudal fins are single.