Where is the UWC Atlantic College?

Where is the UWC Atlantic College?

south Wales
UWC Atlantic is based at St Donat’s Castle, south Wales, in a 12th century castle set in 122 acres of woodland and farmland, with its own valley and seafront. We are the only United World College in the UK.

How much does it cost to go to UWC Atlantic College?

Costs for the two IBDP Years

UWC school or college Cost of two IBDP years
UWC Maastricht (Netherlands) UWC-USA (New Mexico, USA) UWC Thailand Between USD 80,000 and USD 95,000
Li Po Chun UWC of Hong Kong Pearson College UWC (British Columbia, Canada) UWC Atlantic (Wales, UK) Between USD 95,000 and USD 110,000

Is UWC Atlantic College a boarding school?

Atlantic College or the United World College of the Atlantic (sometimes styled UWC Atlantic College, UWCAC, or UWCA) is an independent, international, residential Sixth Form College in the Vale of Glamorgan in south Wales….

Atlantic College
Website atlanticcollege.org

How do I apply to UWC Atlantic College?

[email protected]. The UWC Global Selection Programme is an application route for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) for a limited number of places at some UWCs. Currently you can apply to UWC Atlantic via the Global Selection Programme.

When did Atlantic college start?

UWC Atlantic College/Founded

Is UWC scholarship?

UWC’s need-based scholarship approach is designed to maximise the number of students who can attend our schools and colleges. This means each family is asked to contribute as much as they are reasonably able to fees. Remember, admissions are based on merit but scholarships are determined by need.

Is UWC a good school?

There is a great variety of community projects, sports, and extra-curricular options to choose from and engage in. my time at UWC was very meaningful and I recommend it very much. I love how diverse this school is, as well as how much students are allowed to take care and plan events. UWC-USA is experiential education.

When was Atlantic College built?

Is UWC Atlantic a good school?

UWC Atlantic College delivers the two-year IB Diploma Programme for 16 -19 year olds, and with a student body of just 350 it is one of the smallest schools within the group. UWC Atlantic is almost as rigorous in pushing an external life and activities outside the classroom as it is academic success.

How many students live at UWC Atlantic College?

We are one College. We usually have 360 students living on-site in a range of student houses integrated into the wider campus. We are currently building two new student residences, each designed to accommodate 48 students and houseparents.

How to contact UWC Atlantic College in Wales?

To contact a specific department, please fill out the ‘Who do you wish to contact?’ form on the left hand side of this page. Address: UWC Atlantic, St Donat’s Castle, Llantwit Major, CF61 1WF, Wales, UK Leave the M4 at Junction 37 and follow the signs to the A48, heading for Bridgend.

How to get to UWC Atlantic by rail?

Follow the driveway down to the bottom and turn right to park in the Visitor’s Car Park. In order to travel to UWC Atlantic by rail you would need to arrive at either Bridgend or Llantwit Major Station and from there take a taxi to the College (c. 30 minutes from Bridgend or c. 5 minutes from Llantwit Major).

How many schools and colleges does UWC have?

UWC’s 18 schools and colleges are set on 4 continents and deliver a challenging and transformational education to over 10,500 students each year. Each of our schools and colleges has its own distinct character and identity, influenced by their host country, the specific setting, cultural context and their community.