Who does Jeanne Shaheen represent?

Who does Jeanne Shaheen represent?

Jeanne Shaheen
Member of the New Hampshire Senate from the 21st district
In office December 2, 1992 – December 4, 1996
Preceded by Constituency established
Succeeded by Katie Wheeler

Who are senators from New Hampshire?

Maggie HassanSince 2017
Jeanne Shaheen (Democratic Party)
New Hampshire/Senators
The state’s current senators are Democrats Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan. Senator Shaheen is currently serving her third term (since 2009); Senator Hassan is currently serving her first term (since 2017). Jacob Harold Gallinger was New Hampshire’s longest-serving senator (1891–1918).

Where was Jean Shaheen born?

Saint Charles, Missouri, United States
Jeanne Shaheen/Place of birth

How do I contact senators?

Alternatively, you may phone the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request. If you have specific questions or comments about the design or functionality of this website, contact the webmaster directly.

Is Senator Shaheen Republican or Democrat?

Democratic Party
Jeanne Shaheen/Parties

Who did Jeanne Shaheen run against?

Incumbent Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen won reelection to a third term after comfortably defeating Republican nominee Bryant Messner by 15.6 points and sweeping every single county in the state.

What religion is Maggie Hassan?

Hassan has two adult children, the older of whom, Ben, has cerebral palsy. She is a member of the United Church of Christ.

How many US Representatives does NH have?

New Hampshire House of Representatives
Seats 400
Political groups Majority Republican (206) Minority Democratic (189) Vacant (5)
Length of term 2 years
Authority Part Second, New Hampshire Constitution