What is the mean of Zubair?

What is the mean of Zubair?

10 (10 is best) Zubair is a Muslim name for boys meaning Zubair, Zubayr – Strong, powerful, smart.

Where does the name Zubair originate from?

About Zubair The baby boy name Zubair comes from the Arabic word which means ‘proper name’ or ‘superior’. It is sometimes written as Zubayr, which is a city in Iraq. Zubair is also the name of a group of islands in the Red Sea.

What is lucky number of name Zubair?

Zubair is a Muslim Boy Name. Zubair name meaning is In Sindhi Meaning Is Proper Name.. The name is originated from Arabic. The lucky number of Zubair name is 3.

What does Juna mean in Japanese?

Meaning of Juna In Japanese, Juna means e.g. “wood” or “trees” (from “樹/ju”) or “superiority”, “gentleness”, “kindness” (from yū/優”).

How many people have the name Zubair?

Uzair is also the 42,305th most widespread given name globally It is held by 17,141 people.

What does Uzair mean in Islam?

Uzair (Arabic: عزير), also spelled “Uzayr” or “Ozair”, is a male name. It is the Arabic equivalent of the Hebrew name “Ezra”, and it means “helper” or “strength”. The name originated from the Islamic prophet “Uzair”, who is often identified as the biblical prophet “Ezra”.

What does Zuber mean?

German: metonymic occupational name for a cooper or tubmaker, from Middle High German zuber ‘(two-handled) tub’, or a habitational name from a house distinguished by the sign of a tub. Swiss German: habitational name from a place so named, denoting an alpine stream.

Is Juna a boy name?

The name Juna is a girl’s name of Latin origin. Juna, a variation of the newly stylish month name June, was introduced in the U.S. by actor Bradford Anderson, who chose it for his daughter, whose middle name, Meredith, is the name of Anderson’s New Hampshire hometown.

Is Juan a Mexican name?

Juan is a given name, the Spanish and Manx versions of John. In Spanish, the diminutive form (equivalent to Johnny) is Juanito, with feminine form (comparable to Jane, Joan, or Joanna) Juana, and feminine diminutive Juanita (equivalent to Janet, Janey, Joanie, etc.).

What does Esra mean in Islam?

nocturnal journey
Meaning of Esra The girl’s name Esra means “nocturnal journey” (from Arabic “isra”) and “travel at night” (from Arabic “sara”).

Is Uzair a common name?

How Common Is The Last Name Uzair? It is the 82,092nd most commonly held surname in the world It is held by around 1 in 1,233,714 people. Uzair is also the 42,305th most widespread given name globally It is held by 17,141 people.