What is rhodium plated 14k white gold?

What is rhodium plated 14k white gold?

Rhodium plating is a finish put on all of our white gold fine jewelry pieces. Rhodium is a beautiful reflective white metal that gives your white gold jewelry that dazzling ultra white look. Rhodium holds the distinction of being the world’s most expensive precious metal.

How long does rhodium plating last on white gold?

A new rhodium plating should last six months to a year on a ring until the plating will be noticeably diminished. The yellowing of the bottom of the ring is usually the first noticeable sign that your rhodium plating is wearing thin.

How often does white gold need to be rhodium plated?

every 1-2 years
We usually recommend getting white gold items rhodium plated every 1-2 years. Depending on your bodies specific oils some people need rhodium plating more often than others. Rhodium is a liquid metal in the platinum family that attaches through electric current to metals such as gold and silver.

Is rhodium plated jewelry worth anything?

Rhodium is more expensive than any other metal, but rhodium plating is less costly than solid gold or platinum. The price of your rhodium plated jewelry depends on the value of the base metal. If it were possible to create a solid rhodium ring, then it would be incredibly expensive.

Is gold plated or rhodium plated better?

Rhodium vs gold Both metals are durable, precious, and costly. Jewelry can be made from solid gold, just like platinum; whereas, rhodium is only used for plating other metals. Unless you want to turn your gold jewelry silver, plating yellow gold in rhodium is not recommended.

How much does it cost to have a ring rhodium plated?

What does rhodium plating cost? Most jewelry stores will charge anywhere from $35 – $60 to rhodium plate.

How do you care for rhodium plated jewelry?

Steps To Clean Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver Jewelry

  1. Prepare Your Bowls. First, fill one of the bowls with 1 cup of warm water.
  2. Wash. Put your rhodium-plated silver jewelry in the washing bowl.
  3. Rinse. Now, transfer your washed jewelry to the rinsing bowl.
  4. Dry. Place your jewelry on a soft towel or a microfiber cloth.
  5. Store.