What is code for wire railing?

What is code for wire railing?

36 inches
Handrail & Guardrail Height A guardrail is typically required for stairs with 4-or-more risers, or for a deck or balcony with 30 inches above grade. Code requires guardrail in residential structures be a minimum of 36 inches. Some areas require taller guardrail.

What cable is used for deck railing?

For cable railings, you want to use a cable that is as rigid as possible and does not stretch. For most applications, we recommend 1 x 19 construction, type 316 stainless steel strand (cable).

How tight should cable railing?

While codes specify that cables should be tight enough that they cannot be stretched apart to allow an object through, there is no single set standard for how tight cable railings should be. I would suggest that if you’re building your own cable railings, you’ll want to aim for 200 to 300 pounds of force.

Do cable railings meet code?

Since cable railing does not have the same rigidity of steel balusters or wood, it can defect (open up) when pressure is applied. To meet code requirements, the cables should be installed close enough together to ensure that a 4-inch sphere can’t pass through even if the cables are stretched.

Are cable railings safe?

From a structural standpoint, today’s cable railing systems are some of the safest and most durable guardrails available. Due to the novelty and increased popularity of these systems, cable railings have at times been held to tighter standards than traditional vertical picket railings.

Are cable railings a trend?

Newest Trend in Railings The contemporary and modern style has pervaded the remodeling and home building market with homeowners choosing this uncluttered, streamline design. One such choice that stands out is steel cable a modern stair railing.

What size cable do you use for cable railing?

1/8″ and 3/16″ Stainless Steel Cable are the most common sizes when it comes to railing applications. 1/8″ Stainless Steel Cable will all but disappear at distances over 7-10 feet and will allow you and your guests to focus on the view. 1/8″ cable and hardware are generally less expensive as well.

Do cable railings sag?

Cable that stretches easily under tension, will sag over time resulting in unhappy clients and code inspectors. If your cable railing is considered to be a guard, you will also need to make sure that no opening is large enough to allow the passage of a four-inch sphere.

Is cable railing safe for toddlers?

Railings with cables are safer for children than other types of rail systems. The cables run horizontally, not vertically, which means that children are less able to stick their heads between the rails.