What does im All About That Bass no treble mean?

What does im All About That Bass no treble mean?

She is all about that bass meaning she prefers to have sex and “no treble” would mean no blow jobs. So the song may sound more like “I’m all about that sex, bout that sex, bout that sex, no blow jobs” If not for the clever wording.

Why is All About That Bass bad?

“All About That Bass” is a messy song. In some verses, it uplifts the ideas of body positivity and self-worth, and in others, it destroys those ideals by putting down other women. This confusion isn’t that surprising since Trainor told Billboard she doesn’t consider herself a feminist.

Who sings the song all about the bass?

Meghan Trainor
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Who sings it’s all about the bass no treble?

What does the song All About That Bass mean?

“All About That Bass” is a song based on appreciating plus-sized women and the positive acceptance of body image, with Meghan Trainor serving as the personification of these ideals. As such, the word “bass” (as used throughout the track) actually represents “thickness”,…

Where did the song Kayleigh by Marillion come from?

Kayleigh was a composite of singer Fish’s ex-girlfriends, the lost lover lending her invented name to a new generation of young girls In 1985, five years and three albums after their formation in Aylesbury, Marillion became one of Britain’s biggest rock bands.

Why did Steve Rothery write the song Kayleigh?

And Kayleigh, written as a misty-eyed apology to several of Fish’s past girlfriends, was a sure-fire crossover success from the moment that Steve Rothery’s fragile, icing-sugar-topped guitar motif jangled over the airwaves.

Who was the writer of all about that bass?

Meghan Trainor co-wrote “All About That Bass” with American songwriter Kevin Kadish in 40 minutes. At the time, Trainor had yet to obtain a recording contract and was writing tracks for other artists.