What time do express lanes switch Virginia?

What time do express lanes switch Virginia?

The hours are 5:30 – 9:30 a.m. going east and 3 – 7 p.m. going west, Monday through Friday. Solo drivers have the option of paying a toll to use the lanes in the peak direction during rush hours. The lanes remain free for HOV-2+ vehicles (with E-ZPass Flex), buses, motorcycles and emergency response vehicles.

What time do 95 Express lanes switch Virginia?

When the 95 and 395 Express Lanes are open Weekdays: Closed for reversal – 12am to 2am (except on Monday) Open northbound – 2am to 11am.

Are there tolls on 66 on weekends?

I-66 Hours for Dynamic Tolls The lanes will be free for all users during off-peak periods, including weekends and holidays.

Which way is HOV going on 95?

HOV-3 Entrances and Exits for I-395 and I-95

HOV Restrictions Direction
I-95 HOV-3 Northbound
HOV-3 Southbound

How much does the express lane cost?

The minimum toll rate for all Georgia Express Lanes is $0.10 per mile. You can also expect toll rates above the $0.10 per mile minimum to vary based on travel conditions at each express lane facility rather than a predetermined max rate.

Can you drive on 66 without an E-ZPass?

If you drive alone on I-66 Inside the Beltway during Express Lane hours, you need to have a standard E-ZPass. If there are two or more people in your vehicle (HOV-2+), an E-ZPass Flex allows you to use the lanes free when switched to HOV mode.

Can you drive on 66 without an EZ Pass?

How much are toll roads in VA?


Facility Name Administrative Fee Amount
I-64 EXPRESS $1.50
RMTA Expressway System $1.50

Can you use the HOV lane with a baby?

Yes. All states with HOV facilities count children and infants as passengers. Why do HOV lanes often appear empty?