Is Nvidia GT 820M good for gaming?

Is Nvidia GT 820M good for gaming?

Gaming benchmarks indicate its performance is slightly below the older GeForce GT 525M. We recommend a modest processor (Intel Core i3 Mobile) and 4GB of RAM for a system with GeForce 820M 2GB.

How many GB is Nvidia 820M?

Retail boards based on this design (5)

Name GPU Clock Other Changes
Acer GeForce 820M 2 GB 775 MHz 2 GB
ASUS GeForce 820M 2 GB 625 MHz 2 GB
Dell GeForce 820M 2 GB 625 MHz 2 GB
Lenovo GeForce 820M 2 GB 625 MHz 2 GB

Can I run GTA 5 on Nvidia GeForce 820M?

Commendable. No it will not. 820m is a weak gpu and a mobile i3 would be weak too.

Is a 2GB GT710 graphics card good?

The GT 710 works very well in my particular situation. Of cause this is an inexpensive entry-level card, so I cannot expect the same level of performance as my GeForce GTX 750 Ti. But for a very small investment, I’m suddenly able to play many games which were previously unplayable on my old SFF PC. For that I’m happy.

How good is Nvidia GeForce 820M?

In our gaming benchmarks, the 3D performance of the GeForce 820M is similar to the former GT 720M and the Intel Iris Graphics 5100. This places the card in the entry level segment. Current games (as of 2013/2014) will run fluently only in low settings and resolutions.

Which series is GeForce 820M?

GeForce 800M (8xxM) series

Model Launch Memory
Bandwidth (GB/s)
GeForce 800M March 17, 2014 14.4
GeForce 820M February 2014 16
GeForce 830M March 12, 2014 14.4

How do I update Nvidia drivers?

How to update Nvidia drivers

  1. Download the Nvidia GeForce Experience software.
  2. Check for updates.
  3. Select your driver type (optional)
  4. Download and install your driver.