Is there a bus that goes to Mexico?

Is there a bus that goes to Mexico?

If you are traveling to Mexico from another country, Tornado Bus is the bus company with the most frequent international trips. For domestic travel, Transportes del Norte Diamante is one of your best options since it has one of the largest networks of bus routes in Mexico.

Can you take a bus from US to Mexico?

What companies run services between United States and Mexico? You can take a bus from New York City to Mexico City via 42 St-Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York, Amarillo, San Antonio, San Antonio, Mexico City North, and Terminal Central De Autobuses Del Norte in around 3 days 2h.

Is it safe to take a bus to Mexico?

Bus travel in Mexico is generally safe as security staff continuously patrol bus stations. As it is the case with airports and train stations too, it is always good to stay alert and watch out for pickpockets and bag snatchers.

Does Megabus go to Mexico?

Bus trips to Canada and Mexico frequently start at $1! megabus operates well-established bus routes in over 34 states, serving ten million passengers per year. Moreover, it is still expanding its network to new locations.

What is the best bus line in Mexico?

Bus lines in Mexico

  • ETN, Mexico: ETN Turistar is known as one of the best luxury bus companies in Mexico (and as you know, we were impressed with them).
  • Primera Plus, Mexico:
  • ADO, Mexico:

What do I need to travel to Mexico by bus?

Regulations for Entering Mexico on a Greyhound Bus When returning to the U.S. by bus, Mexican citizens and foreign nationals need a passport and visa, a round-trip ticket and the address of where they will stay in the U.S. They’ll also need to fill out Form I 94, available at the border.

Do buses in Mexico allow dogs?

Taking pets on Mexico’s buses: Bus companies will transport cats and dogs in the hold, provided that they are traveling in a pet crate. Be sure to provide your pet with plenty of water and some food for longer journeys. Service pets are allowed to travel on-board; check with the bus company for detailed policies.

Should I take Megabus or Greyhound?

Greyhound has substantially more routes while offering express routes as well. It has 123 routes compared to Megabus’ 30. Travelers have also mentioned that Greyhound’s travel times are much more forgiving than Megabus’. This one goes to Greyhound.

How to plan a bus trip to Mexico?

The Lonely Planet guidebook has the bus schedules and tells you how long each trip takes along with outdated prices. Try to plan your trip so you arrive at your destination during the day – preferably early in the day to get a good hotel. Another great thing about Mexican buses is you generally don’t need reservations.

Where can I buy bus tickets in Mexico?

Links to Mexican bus companies: Bus routes, bus schedules and prices. – A good site for buying tickets for central and southern Mexico (in English). I have never liked cars.

Which is the best bus line in Mexico?

Some even have coffee bars and give you a bag of food when you get on. Executive class is the best but they don’t have it for all routes. TAP, Futura, Omnibus de Mexico and ETN are a few of the better lines. The only downside for me is that they show movies throughout the day – usually action films – the old Arnold Schwarzenegger type.

Why are there so many buses in Mexico?

Besides that, public transportation is better for the environment and you don’t have to pay those high gas prices. The long distance buses in Mexican are quite luxurious. Forget the chickens. For some reason the idea of chickens on Mexican buses has survived 30 years past its demise.