How much does a 1993 Mustang LX weight?

How much does a 1993 Mustang LX weight?

2834 lbs.
Used 1993 Ford Mustang Specs & Features

Curb weight 2834 lbs.
Height 52.1 in.
Length 179.6 in.
Wheel base 100.5 in.

Can a Mustang GT be a V6?

Although the Mustang GT is fun, the base V6 model is a great choice as well. Many drivers will love its overall value. It is definitely a good option for drivers who are on a tight budget. Like its more powerful counterpart, the V6 Fastback also benefits from an outstanding safety rating.

What is an S550?

The sixth generation Ford Mustang (S550) is the current iteration of the Mustang pony car manufactured by Ford. This is part of the “One Ford” business plan, which also applies to the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion/Mondeo, Escape/Kuga, Edge, Ford Transit Connect, and Ford Transit, as well as other models.

What are the specs of a 1993 Ford Mustang GT?

This car had a host of features not found in a typical Mustang GT including GT40 heads, cast aluminum cobra intake system, 65mm throttle body, 24lb fuel injectors, upgraded EEC computer, 1.7 ratio roller rockers, and a special camshaft which brought horsepower up to 235 and torque to 285 ft/lbs.

What kind of car was the 1992 Ford Mustang?

As in the 1992 year, Ford introduced offered a special Mustang model known as the “Limited Edition”. The car was based on a 5.0L LX convertible which featured a yellow or white exterior with color keyed bumpers and mirrors, white or chrome Pony wheels, and white interior.

When did the 1993 Cobra are come out?

The 1993 Cobra-R first came about when a call was made when the SVE Engineering Supervisor (Steve Anderson), received a call from SVO (Ford Racing) regarding if it was possible to build a lighter 1993 SVT Cobra. It was decided that the biggest areas of needed improvement were the brakes, suspension, and cooling system.