How many endings does Planescape Torment have?

How many endings does Planescape Torment have?

Planescape: Torment, a game that I otherwise love, had about eight different conclusions, each based on a particular choice the player could make at the very end of the game.

How do you get the good ending in Planescape?

The “best” ending is achieved through merging with the Transcendent One, which allows you to resurrect and speak to all of your companions before you’re pulled off to the blood war.

Why is The Nameless One immortal?

At the same time, The Nameless One was contracted to a lifetime of servitude in the Blood War. Ravel agreed and performed the ritual, out of love and succeeded in making the Nameless One immortal, but the ritual was flawed, for every time he died, he forgot his memories and became another person.

Is The Nameless One a God?

The Nameless One is a malevolent Old God of the First World who acted as the first of the Old Gods of Chaos.

How does the game Myst end?

The good ending is achieved by finding a white page and bringing it to the green book, which contains Atrus. If they bring the page, Atrus links back to Myst and appears to burn the Red and Blue books containing Sirrus and Achenar (though later games contradict this).

How do you get to the fortress of regrets?

The fortress can be reached through a portal located on the second floor of the Mortuary….There are a few key items that are worth bringing:

  1. The Blade of the Immortal;
  2. The Bronze Sphere;
  3. Deionarra’s Wedding Ring, if its upgrade is desired;
  4. The Negative Token.

What is unusual about the hero of the classic computer game Planescape Torment?

The Nameless One
Planescape: Torment is primarily story-driven, with combat not being prominently featured. The protagonist, known as The Nameless One, is an immortal man who forgets everything if killed.

What race is The Nameless One?

In the official novelization of the game, which is only loosely based on its plot, The Nameless One was a human being, who made a pact with the Baatezu Fhjull Forked-Tongue (an NPC encountered late in the game), offering his service as a soldier in the Blood War in exchange for his town being spared.

What is the first thing to do in Myst?

The first you need to do in the Channelwood age is go to the rocky island, and turn on the hose there. Then pull on the lever on the generator that turns the windmill. Go back out and where you see the pipe turns into two pipes.