How does electro-optic modulator work?

How does electro-optic modulator work?

An electro-optic modulator (EOM) is an optical device in which a signal-controlled element exhibiting an electro-optic effect is used to modulate a beam of light. Therefore, the phase of the laser light exiting an EOM can be controlled by changing the electric field in the crystal.

What are the types of electro-optic modulators?

Phase modulators are used to stabilize the frequency of a laser beam, or to mode-lock a laser. There are basically two types of modulators: bulk and integrated-optic. Bulk modulators are made out of discrete pieces of nonlinear optical crystals and are typically used on a lab bench or an optical table.

What is V PI of a modulator?

Vpi is called the half-wave voltage and is defined as the voltage required to shift the output phase by π radians. Phase modulators are particularly useful for the generation of frequency side bands on a laser source.

How does EOM work?

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What is the basic principle of electro-optic modulators?

The principle of operation is based on the linear electro-optic effect (also called the Pockels effect), i.e., the modification of the refractive index of a nonlinear crystal by an electric field in proportion to the field strength.

What does EO IR mean?

EO/IR (Electro-Optical/Infra-Red) systems are imaging systems used for military or law enforcement applications which include both visible and infrared sensors.

What is modulation networking?

What is Modulation (in computer networking)? Modulation is the process by which information is encoded into electrical signals for transmission over a medium. Binary information, as represented by a series of 1s and 0s, must be converted to analog or digital electrical signals for transmission.

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What is a fiber modulator?

An optical modulator is a device which is used to modulate a beam of light. The beam may be carried over free space, or propagated through an optical waveguide (optical fibre). For this reason light modulators are, e.g. in fiber optic communications, called external light modulators.