Are Aquatalia boots worth the price?

Are Aquatalia boots worth the price?

Well worth the price – they are expensive, but waterproof and comfortable right out of the box. the waterproof nature of the boot has been worth it’s weight in gold. The only issue is the leather on the inside of the heel has worn within just three wears, something I have not experienced with my other Aquatalia boots.

Is Aquatalia a luxury brand?

“We’re a unique brand — a luxury brand with our DNA rooted in fashion and style,” says Aquatalia president Wendy Sverre. Footwear ranges in price from $395 to $900 or so for a fur-lined boot.

Are Aquatalia boots made in Italy?

Crafted in Italy, Aquatalia footwear adheres to the tradition of meticulous Italian shoemaking. Using fine leathers and suedes, Aquatalia transforms their texture and finish through an exclusive process that adds exceptional softness and the ultimate luxury of weatherproofing and stain-resistance.

Is Aquatalia a designer?

Each and every Aquatalia design is made in Italy where Marvin K. fuses Italian design and craftsmanship with his expertise in manufacturing and weatherproof technology.

Are La Canadienne boots worth it?

This is my second pair of La Canadienne boots, and they are well worth the price. My last pair lasted 6 years of hard wear. When I got this pair in the mail, they fit comfortably from the moment I tried them on. Even though these boots are much more expensive than I normally would ever pay, they are worth every penny.

Does Aquatalia run big or small?

It is usually really small like 13-14 inches. I find they run small also. I find they run true to size. I have 3 pairs and they never leak.

Are La Canadienne boots good for snow?

Perfect for a winter’s night out in the city, the Susan Boots are made from high-quality, waterproof Italian leather. The Helen Boot brings luxury isolation with its soft Shearling lining. Totally waterproof, the boot made from Italian suede features a flexible rubber grip sole for increased traction on damp surfaces.

How long do La Canadienne boots last?

All La Canadienne waterproof boots are guaranteed waterproof effective for six months from the date of purchase.

Are La Canadienne boots warm?

Born in Montreal, Canada’s fashion capital, La Canadienne pays tribute to its origins with its range of stylish winter boots. Elegant, sophisticated and most importantly warm, their selection has enough to please every woman’s taste.