What is an Egyptian galabeya?

What is an Egyptian galabeya?

A galabeya is a loose, full-length gown with wide sleeves, often decorated with embroidery along its hems–collar, sleeves and skirt. In urban areas of Egypt, throughout the year, women tend to wear galabeyas at home – the airy garment is comfortable for housework and even as sleepwear.

What is a gallabiya?

The jellabiya, also jalabiya or galabeya (Arabic: جلابية‎ / ALA-LC: jilabīyah Egyptian Arabic: [ɡæ. læ. læ-]; “jelebeeya” in Ethiopia; “jehllubeeya” in Eritrea) is a loose-fitting, traditional Egyptian garment from the Nile Valley, also traditionally worn in Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

What is a galabeya in english?

(dʒəˈlɑːbiə) noun. a loose-fitting hooded gown or robe worn by men in North Africa.

What is traditional Egyptian clothing?

Egyptian traditional male outfit consisting of a gallibaya, an overcoat, a turban, and a scarf. The traditional Egyptian trousers are called “sserual”. They are worn under the gallibaya sometimes, but they are optional. The most widespread outerwear in Egypt is a garment called “kaftan” and worn over the gallibaya.

What is an Egyptian dress called?

The female traditional outfit in Egypt consists of a long robe called “gallebaya”, baggy trousers used as an underwear, several layers of outerwear, a headdress, and shoes. The gallebaya is an ankle-length robe with long sleeves. In the rural areas, women often use gallebaya as the main garment.

What is a Saidi dress?

Saidi dresses are baladi dresses from a specific region of Egypt. The diagram to the right shows the traditional shape of this dress style.

What do Egyptian wear now?

For that, younger males wear polo shirts, jeans, and tracksuits. Adult Egyptian men wear western clothing styles, from business suits at work to trousers and short-sleeved shirts for everyday wear. The kaftan is also worn, an ankle-length coat with large sleeves, either belted around the waist or over the galabiya.

Which city is called thousand minarets?

Cairo has long been a center of the region’s political and cultural life, and is nicknamed “the city of a thousand minarets” for its preponderance of Islamic architecture.

Do you walk like an Egyptian in a jellabiya?

Due to the length and overall looseness of the dress, there’s a learning curve to walking in a jellabiya. Instead of a full out walk like in a pair of shorts, it is necessary to do a shuffle to avoid pulling down the dress with a catch of a heel.

How is the jellabiya different from the Thawb?

The colorful Egyptian style is worn by both men and women. The jellabiya differs from the Arabic thawb, as it has a wider cut, no collar (in some cases, no buttons) and longer, wider sleeves. Versions for farmers have very wide sleeves and sewn-in pockets used to carry tobacco, money, or other small items.

Do you wear western pants or jellabiya in Egypt?

When you decide to make the step from painful Western pants to an Egyptian hospitality jellabiya, your body will never stop rejoicing in comfort and repeatedly thanking you! For a river trip on the Nile, relaxing on the beach, or eating dates in an Oasis, a jellabiya will always be the right decision.

What are the colors of the jellabiya scarf?

Jellabiya colors are often white in the summer. During winter, thicker fabric in other colours such as grey, dark green, olive, blue, tan or striped fabrics are used and colorful scarves worn around the neck. The garment is traditionally worn with an ammama ( Arabic: عمامة ‎; Egyptian Arabic: عمة ‎ IPA: [ˈʕem.mæ]) ( turban ).