Can you be Batman in DC Universe Online?

Can you be Batman in DC Universe Online?

Batman is one of the six mentors you can choose from when you start playing DCUO. This Batman is Batman distilled to his most iconic form, the quintessential Batman for the ages.

Is DC Universe Online character creation?

All players must go through the Character Creation process in order to play DC Universe Online. Of the choices that are made during character creation, most can be changed with items that are available in the marketplace (e.g. name, personality). Only gender and morality are unchangeable.

Who else has been Batman?

Every Character Who Replaced Bruce Wayne As Batman (& Why)

  • 2 Jim Gordon.
  • 3 Terry McGinnis.
  • 4 Thomas Wayne.
  • 5 Damian Wayne.
  • 6 Dick Grayson.
  • 7 Jason Todd.
  • 8 Tim Drake.
  • 9 Jean-Paul Valley. Jean-Paul Valley was known as Azrael and worked with the Batman Family when “Knightfall” occurred.

How did future Batman survive?

Fracture thanks Luthor for using the exobytes to give him his powers. It is then revealed Future Batman survived the explosion at the Fortress of Solitude and chased Future Luthor through time.

Where do you get the Batman emblem in DCUO?

The Batman’s 80th Emblem is an artifact-level style item in the emblem style class. It is available from a vendor in the Justice League Dark event and episode or the marketplace.

What is the best movement in DC Universe Online?

Super Speed is good for one thing, and that’s speed. It’s the easiest movement style to go fast with (but surprisingly not the fastest in all areas). They also have one really good attack that I’ve used before where you run circles around an enemy/enemies stunning them and chipping their health down.

Is Bruce Wayne no longer Batman?

Bruce Wayne is officially handing down the Batman mantle as DC’s Fear State ends! Over the years, Batman’s family of heroes has continually grown. Compared to Superman, who just passed on his mantle, Batman is far more likely to trust himself over anyone else to protect Gotham.

Who is the best Batman besides Bruce Wayne?

11 Characters Who Have Been Batman Besides Bruce Wayne

  • 8 8. Tim Drake.
  • 7 Damian Wayne.
  • 6 Thomas Wayne.
  • 5 Terry McGinnis.
  • 4 Jean-Paul Valley.
  • 3 Hugo Strange.
  • 2 Jim Gordon.
  • 1 Clark Kent.