What is electronic flame off?

What is electronic flame off?

The electronic flame off (EFO) process is the first step in the wire-ball bonding cycle [8]. A low energy plasma discharge is used to heat and melt a fine wire tail. The molten metal then rolls up into a ball under the effect of surface tension.

What is EFO in wire bonding?

Wire Bonding. EFO (Electronic Flame Off) Electrodes.

What is an EFO wand?

EFO Wands (EFO) SPT is capable of making customized EFO wands used on different types of bonder with precise dimensions and accuracy. When a new EFO wand is first installed on the bonder, inconsistent sparking effect normally occurs, causing inconsistent FAB formation.

What is free air ball wire bonding?

To create a free air ball (FAB), the wire bonder uses an electronic flame-off (EFO) unit, where high voltage is connected. During operation, the EFO gap is breached by a high current, creating a high voltage spark, which melt the tail of the copper wire in a glow discharge to form a spherical ball.

What does EFO stand for?

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What does EFO mean on a washing machine?

: The error code. EF0. displays due to washer over-sudsing or due to washer not filling with. Hot. water.

What does EFO mean in Ghana?

Efo means ”Green leafy vegetable” or ”spinach”, and riro, means ”to stir”. So basically, Efo riro simply means ”stirred leafy vegetable”. However, we just don’t stir this by itself, we stir it in a rich pepper sauce which is loaded with Meat, Crayfish, Dry Fish, and other Meat or Fish of Choice.

What does EFO mean?

What is the meaning of EFO?

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How do you reset a washing machine sensor?

To reset your washing machine, unplug it from the power outlet. Then, plug the washer cord back into the wall. Finally, open and close the washing machine door six times to send the reset signal to the system components.