Where is Sammy Swindell from?

Where is Sammy Swindell from?

Bartlett, Tennessee, United States
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How old is Slammin Sammy Swindell?

65 years (October 26, 1955)
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What happened to Sammy Swindells son?

2015 Knoxville Nationals accident His car flipped several times before landing on its wheels. He sustained a “significant injury” according to his father and former sprint car driver Sammy Swindell. It was later revealed that he had broken the L-1 and T-7 vertebrae in his back.

Did Sammy Swindell retire?

Although Swindell announced his retirement in 2014, he still feels competitive. “I don’t feel a lot different than I did when I was in my 50s or my 40s really,” Swindell said.

Who is the Brownsburg Bullet?

Joey Saldana
Joey Saldana (born March 14, 1972), known as the “Brownsburg Bullet”, is an American sprint car racing driver. He is the son of former sprint car and Indy car driver Joe Saldana. Saldana began racing at the local Indiana tracks close to his home in the early 1990s.

How many races did Steve Kinser win?

In 10 years with the Outlaws, Kinser has won 212 races, including the U.S. Nationals at Knoxville, Iowa–the Indianapolis 500 of sprint car racing–the last five years in a row. He’s won $1,785,000 in purse money. He is known as King of the Outlaws.

How old is haudenschild?

63 years (April 7, 1958)
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Jac Haudenschild (born April 7, 1958) is an American racing driver. Nicknamed “The Wild Child” for his daring driving style, he is most famous for driving winged sprint cars with the World of Outlaws.

Who is Kevin Swindell married to?

Undeterred, he redirected his motorsports passion into a new role as a team owner. Three years ago, Swindell and his wife Jordan took the concept of racing apparel to a new level with the launch of Swindell SpeedLab, a consumer-oriented brand of apparel and merchandise.

How old is Jeff Swindell?

As of August 1, both driver – Jeff Swindell (91) and Doug Wolfgang (29) and both owners – Casey Luna and Bob Weikert – are HoF.

Who is Joey Saldana married to?

He is married to Shannon, and has two sons: Reece & Ragan.

Is Joey Saldana still racing?

For now, he’s enjoying spending time with his family, racing Micro Sprints with his oldest son and building oil tanks for Sprint Car teams. At the beginning of the year Saldana acquired Godfrey Autosport’s Spike Oil Tank division – now branded under Saldana Racing.

Does Steve Kinser still race?

He was inducted in the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in 2005. He has been described as the best sprint racer ever by both columnists and even his rivals. In August 2016, Kinser retired from Sprint Car racing.