How long after C-section can you have plastic surgery?

How long after C-section can you have plastic surgery?

While liposuction is considered safe for moms who have had c-sections, doctors usually recommend waiting at least six months before undergoing the procedure. It takes time for the body to get back to normal after having a baby, and plastic surgery should come after you have had the chance to heal completely.

Which is more painful C-section or tummy tuck?

Generally speaking, most patients report easier recovery from tummy tuck surgery than C-section. Although patients vary in their pain tolerance and recovery, both procedures are comparable in terms of rehabilitation and mobility. I agree with most patients that the recovery from tummy tucks is probably easier.

Can you have a plastic surgeon close your C-section?

It is not unreasonable to ask your OB if he or she would be open to having a plastic surgeon close your C-section at the end of the procedure. This happens more than you may think, and the difference can be noticeable. Even with the best C-section closure, however, it is possible to have a scar that you may not like.

Can I get a mini tummy tuck after C-section?

Mini Abdominoplasty with Cesarean delivery: C-Tuck Mini Tummy Tuck can be performed at the same time of your planned C-section to avoid a second surgery if this is your last pregnancy. This is also called C-Tuck.

How do you get rid of belly fat after C-section?

In extreme cases, where the patient has a significant amount of excess skin following a c-section, an abdominoplasty, commonly called a ‘tummy tuck’, may be recommended. This procedure surgically removes the excess skin, tightens the weakened abdominal muscles, and uses liposuction in order to remove excess fat.

How can I fix my c section scar?

C-section scar revisions are procedures directed mainly at improving the scar itself. The scar is excised or removed. It is then repaired in multiple layers with tiny plastic surgery stitches. The result is usually a flatter, nicer, and thinner scar, without the depression or ledge.

How do I know my c section scar is healing?

The biggest outcome predictor is how other scars on your body have healed. While many women will see their c-section scar thin out and gradually fade in color over time, some scars will protrude and remain reddish or purple for longer.

Will my c-section pooch ever go away?

While these scars tend to be longer than a c-section scar, they also tend to be thinner, and the c-shelf puffiness is typically not a problem anymore. As with any type of scarring, it should gradually lighten and flatten over time, though it may never completely go away.