How do I top up O2 in Germany?

How do I top up O2 in Germany?

How to recharge using your O2 code

  1. Enter *103*CODE# followed by the send button.
  2. Call 5667 and follow the instructions.

How do I top up My O2 prepaid?

Go to any O2 shop or anywhere you see the green top-up logo and ask for an O2 top-up. You can pay by cash or card. Then call 4444 free from your mobile, or 08456 062 277 from a landline, enter the number on your receipt and follow the instructions.

How do I top up O2 abroad?

Topping up abroad You can top up abroad with your credit or debit card or with O2 vouchers. Just sign in to My O2 for free and choose ‘Top up your phone’. Alternatively you can call 4444 from your mobile. To check your balance while you’re away, simply sign in to My O2 for free, or dial *#10# from your mobile.

Can I top up my prepaid SIM card?

Topping up your SIM card. Prepaid SIM cards may come with an initial credit, but this is mostly only to be used as an appetizer and good for start-up and a short time only. For your convenience, you can think of topping it up right away at the point of purchase.

How do I check my balance on O2 Germany prepaid?

Press Hotkey 2 on your mobile phone. Key *#10# then press the call button. Dial 4444 for free from your mobile.

How do you buy data on O2?

If you’re new to O2, you’ll need to visit an O2 store or order online to get a free Big Bundle sim. Or you can call 2202 free from your mobile, or go to My O2.

Can you top up your mobile online?

On, you can get your mobile top-up online in a few simple steps: Start by selecting your UK mobile provider and the amount of call credit or mobile data you’d like to purchase. Enter your email address and select a payment method. You can choose from PayPal, Mastercard, Maestro or Visa.

How do you reload a prepaid SIM card?

STEP 1: Dial 223 and press SEND. STEP 2: Enter the card number and press #. STEP 3: Enter PIN and press #. STEP 4: A voice prompt will confirm that the reload attempt is successful.

How do I check my O2 balance by text?

Is there an O2 number you can ring from your handset to check your minutes and text balance? Send a blank text (you have yo press return or space) TO 21202.