What does Levoconvex curvature mean?

What does Levoconvex curvature mean?

Levoconvex scoliosis is a form of the condition where the patient’s spinal curvature is located in the thoracic spine (middle back) and bends to the left. Curvatures that bend towards the left side of the body, where the heart is, are considered atypical.

Can levoscoliosis be corrected?

In severe cases of scoliosis, especially when the spinal curve might damage organs or interrupt movement, a doctor may perform a spinal fusion to try to reverse the curve. In spinal fusion procedures, a surgeon will realign the curved bones and then attach small pieces of bone tissue along the repaired region.

What does lumbar levoscoliosis mean?

Levoscoliosis is a form of scoliosis where the spine abnormally twists or curves to the left, sometimes making a ‘C’ shape. From a side view, the spine typically curves to some extent at the neck and lower back, forming a wide “S” shape.

Does levoscoliosis worsen?

So if you see the spine move to the left, as it does in this diagram and in the picture that follows, it could mean that the curve is going to the left. Over time, these muscle conditions may worsen, increasing both the degree of the levoscoliosis and the degree of the side bend.

What does mild Levoconvex curvature of lumbar spine?

Levoconvex scoliosis or levoscoliosis lumbar spine is a type of scoliosis where the spine curves to the left. It can develop on its own during adolescence, or it may occur as the result of another condition. It is considered a form of scoliosis.

How does levoscoliosis affect the heart?

If your levoscoliosis is in your middle back, your ribcage may press against your heart and lungs. That could result in breathing problems and fatigue. In rare cases, it can cause heart failure. If you had scoliosis as a child, you may have chronic back pain as an adult.

Is Levoscoliosis a disability?

This sideways curvature of the spine can have many side effects and health problems. So, the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers benefits for scoliosis disorder. If you are wondering whether scoliosis is a disability, the answer is YES! It is a disability, and you can get disability benefits for it.

What to do if you have Levoscoliosis?

Levoscoliosis treatment options

  1. Wait and watch. Children who are still growing and have mild scoliosis will get rechecked every 6 months to see if the curve is getting worse.
  2. Back brace.
  3. Chiropractic treatment.
  4. Surgery.
  5. Exercise.
  6. Treatment considerations.

Does levoscoliosis cause pain?

The following are some of the signs and symptoms of levoscoliosis: Back pain. Uneven shoulders and protruding shoulder blades. A noticeable curve in the spine in advanced cases.

Is levoscoliosis a disability?

How do you sleep with Levoscoliosis?

For levoscoliosis in the thoracic spine, when sleeping on the back, a thin pillow placed under the shoulder blades can sometimes help in distributing pressure. For side-sleepers, often a pillow placed between the legs can bring relief by helping to open up the spinal canal.