Who owns Western World Insurance Company?

Who owns Western World Insurance Company?

AIG Property Casualty U.S., Inc.
Western World Insurance Group/Parent organizations
Western World became an AIG subsidiary in 2018 following the latter’s completion of its Validus acquisition.

Who bought World Insurance?

Charlesbank Capital Partners
World Insurance Associates was bought out by Charlesbank Capital Partners on Mar 2, 2020 .

Is Western World Insurance admitted?

As a specialty U.S. commercial insurer, Western World offers insurance products on a surplus lines and admitted basis.

What is the NAIC for Western World Insurance Company?


NAIC #: 13196
Date Authorized in California: 2003-11-17
License Status: WITHDRAWN
State of Domicile: NEW HAMPSHIRE

What is Westernworld?

General Liability, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, Professional Liability. Website. www.westernworld.com. Western World Insurance Group is an insurance provider founded in 1964. The company largely specializes in general liability, commercial property, commercial auto and professional liability insurance.

What Validus means?

Etymology. From valeō (“I am strong, I am healthy, I am worth”) +‎ -idus.

When did AIG acquire Validus?

18, 2018– American International Group, Inc. (NYSE:AIG) today announced it has completed its acquisition of Validus Holdings, Ltd. (“Validus”). The transaction, which was first announced on January 22, 2018, closed following receipt of regulatory approvals and approval of Validus shareholders.

What is the NAIC for Scottsdale Insurance Company?


NAIC#: 41297 Phone:
CPAF: 2982 Spl Risk:
DMV#: FId:
Scottsdale Insurance Company P.O. Box 4110 Scottsdale, AZ 85261

Why is it called the Western world?

The concept of the West or the Western World originated in the Greco-Roman Civilizations of ancient times. The term, “West” comes from the Latin term, “occidens”, which means sunset or west, as opposed to “oriens”, meaning rise or east. The West or Western World can be defined differently, depending on the context.

Who is the insurance company for Western world?

Western World was the insurance company that wrote the policy. I have renewed the last 2 years. This year after some storms, my roof started leaking. I filed a claim and they sent out an adjuster. A couple weeks later I was told my policy had a storm and hail exclusion on it.

Where is Western world insurance company in Parsippany NJ?

If you need assistance, Western World Insurance Company may be contacted at its administrative headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey: Western World Insurance Company 300 Kimball Drive, Suite 500 Parsippany, NJ 07054. Division Contacts. Contract Division; Brokerage Division; Human Resources Department; Telephone 201-847-8600. Fax 201-847-1010

Which is the most innovative insurance company in the world?

Cited as one of the industry’s most innovative companies. Western World offers more coverage and higher limits at the click of a mouse.

What is the Western world integrated platform ( WWIP )?

The Western World Integrated Platform (WWIP) is the first tool that gives brokers the ability to rate, quote, bind, and issue policies with just a few clicks of the mouse.