Who is the father of Almira Muhlach?

Who is the father of Almira Muhlach?

Alvaro Muhlach
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Is Almira Muhlach related to Aga Muhlach?

He is the younger brother of former actress Amalia Fuentes. Celebrities Aga Muhlach and Arlene Muhlach are his children. Aside from Aga and Arlene, Cheng’s other children are AJ, Andrew, Aaron, Albert, Andrea, and Almira. He is the youngest among the Muhlach siblings.

Who is the husband of Almira?

Former actress Almira Muhlach finally gives up on her husband, former basketball player Bong Alvarez, by filing a restraining order against him because of his violent fits.

Who is Aga Muhlach siblings?

Arlene Muhlach
AJ MuhlachAlmira MuhlachAndrew MuhlachAndoy Muhlach
Aga Muhlach/Siblings

How old is Paul Alvarez?

53 years (June 15, 1968)
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Who are the parents of Alyssa Muhlach?

Alyssa Muhlach was born to Bong Alvarez ( Father ) and Almira Muhlach ( Mother ). Her father used to play basketball sport as a profession. Her mother is also an actress. She has 2 sisters.

Are Aga and Arlene Muhlach Twins?

After the success of the 1984 film Bagets, he became more known for his screen name Aga. Aga married former beauty queen Charlene Gonzales in 2001. The Muhlach-Gonzales couple has twins: Andres and Atasha. Arlene is known for “May Bukas Pa” (2009), “Magkaribal” (2010), and “Walang Hanggan” (2012).

Who is Aga Muhlach son?

Iggy Boy Muhlach
Andrés Muhlach
Aga Muhlach/Sons

Who is Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez?

Alyssa Muhlach is a Filipino actress, beauty queen, singer and model. Jump to movie list. Trivia –> Alyssa was trained in martial arts. Note: Paul and Almira are separated.

What happened to Paul Alvarez?

FORMER professional basketball player Paul “Bong” Alvarez was locked up in jail after his live-in partner charged him with domestic violence, police said. Excitement” because of his high-leap and slam dunk acts, will be facing violations of the Anti-Violence against Women and Children (VAWC) or Republic Act 9262.

How old is Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez?

Alyssa Muhlach is 25 years old.