Does ZAZ play any instruments?

Does ZAZ play any instruments?

The music of Zaz is thoroughly imbued with it. As a child, Zaz studied several instruments, including violin, guitar, and piano; she also took choral singing lessons. She performed with various groups before making her solo splash with “Je Veux,” reaching No. 1 on the French album chart with her self-titled debut.

How old is ZAZ French singer?

41 years (May 1, 1980)

What genre is je veux?

Je veux/Genres

What instruments are used in Je veux?

Print out your sheet music of Je veux for solo instrument (saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, flute,…) and enjoy playing a piece by ZAZ!

What does Zaz stand for?


Acronym Definition
ZAZ Zaporojet Avtomobilnii Zavod
ZAZ Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker (movie producers)
ZAZ Zaporozhsky Avtomobilny Zavod (Ukrainian car manufacturer)
ZAZ Zaragoza, Spain – Zaragoza (Airport Code)

What nationality is ZAZ?


Where is ZAZ now?

Being one of the most successful French singers working today is what female singer Zaz is. That despite the fact that she no longer lives in her native country but has relocated to Seattle. The distance from France does not mean she has taken to recording in English.

Who wrote Je veux ZAZ?

Kerredine Soltani
Je veux/Composers

Who is ZAZ and what kind of music does she sing?

Zaz (singer) Isabelle Geffroy (born 1 May 1980 in Tours, France), better known by the nickname Zaz, is a French singer -songwriter who mixes jazzy styles, French variety, soul and acoustic. She is famous for her hit ” Je veux “, from her first album, Zaz, released on 10 May 2010.

Where was the singer Zaz born and raised?

Zaz was born in Tours, France. Her mother was a Spanish teacher, and her father worked for an electric company. In 1985, she entered the Conservatoire de Tours with her sister and her brother, attending courses from the ages of 6 to 11.

Who is the most popular singer in France?

Zaz also won the European Border Breakers Award: she was named the French artist most played abroad in 2010. According to a survey published by L’Internaute, Zaz was the most popular French singer in the 2010 ranking. She is also featured on the song “Cœur Volant” for the soundtrack of the 2011 film, Hugo.

What was the name of the movie Zaz was in?

She is also featured on the song “Cœur Volant” for the soundtrack of the 2011 film, Hugo. Her live CD and DVD Zaz live tour Sans Tsu Tsou was revealed. Her song ” Eblouie Par La Nuit ” was featured in the 2013 American neo-noir crime thriller, “Dead Man Down”.