What is CGI post?

What is CGI post?

Passing Information Using POST Method A generally more reliable method of passing information to a CGI program is the POST method. This packages the information in exactly the same way as GET methods, but instead of sending it as a text string after a? in the URL it sends it as a separate message.

What is CGI data?

The common gateway interface (CGI) is a standard way for a Web server to pass a Web user’s request to an application program and to receive data back to forward to the user. This method or convention for passing data back and forth between the server and the application is called the common gateway interface (CGI).

What is CGI in networking?

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface and provides an interface between the HTTP server and programs generating web content. These programs are better known as CGI scripts. They are written in a scripting language. The Network Component provides such a scripting language.

How does the server pass information to a CGI program?

The user fills out the forms, and the browser encodes the information into a string of key-value pairs. If the request method is POST, the server passes the information as standard input to the CGI program. If the request method is GET, the server stores the information in an environment variable, QUERY_STRING.

What is diff between GET and POST method?

Both GET and POST method is used to transfer data from client to server in HTTP protocol but Main difference between POST and GET method is that GET carries request parameter appended in URL string while POST carries request parameter in message body which makes it more secure way of transferring data from client to …

What is CGI and how it works?

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a standard way of running programs from a Web server. Basically, CGI works like this: A reader sends a URL that causes the AOLserver to use CGI to run a program. The AOLserver passes input from the reader to the program and output from the program back to the reader.