How do I verify my Trade Me account?

How do I verify my Trade Me account?

Select ‘Verify your account’ to activate your membership.

  1. Download the yellow Trade Me app.
  2. Select ‘Register’.
  3. Complete the 3 steps. We’ll send you a confirmation email. Select ‘Verify your account’ to activate your membership.

How do you get notifications on Trade Me?

Trade Me new listing alerts

  1. In Trade Me Property > Search, select your search location and criteria. Note you can select multiple suburbs. Then click Search.
  2. Now click Save this search.
  3. Click View My Favourites.
  4. Review your email preferences.

How do I change my email on Trade Me?

Head to ‘My Trade Me’. Select ‘View profile & account’. Select ‘change your email address’. Follow the prompts and select ‘Update Email Address’.

How many Trade Me account can I have?

Outside of having one personal and one business account per member, we don’t allow multiple accounts on Trade Me. If you operate more than one business or in more than one location, we may be able to consider your circumstances.

How do I email a seller on trademe?

Email the seller With classifieds, you can send the seller an email right from the listing. When you email the seller, your private enquiry is sent directly to them via Trade Me. They’ll be provided with your email address so they can get back to you.

Can you search sellers on Trade Me?

To search by seller, scroll to members in the search area and type in the name, in my case turnerschch. You can also save favourite sellers; find them in the third tab in the my favourites window.

How do I contact a trademe seller?

How do I sell something on trademe?

Creating listings

  1. Use keywords in your description (e.g. ‘Mid-century standing lamp’ vs ‘lamp’)
  2. Photograph your item with natural light and ensuring the background is free of distractions.
  3. End your auction between 7-10pm, Sunday – Friday.
  4. Include shipping costs.
  5. Offer appealing payment options like Ping or Afterpay.