Who famous was born on July 1st?

Who famous was born on July 1st?

Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Andre Braugher, Chloe Bailey, Dan Aykroyd, Lea Seydoux, Liv Tyler, Missy Elliott, Sufjan Stevens and more.

Who was born on this day musicians?

John Banks, The Merseybeats, (1964 UK No. 5 single ‘I Think Of You’). Julio Iglesias, Spanish singer, (1981 UK No….Neal Smith, drummer with the Alice Cooper Band, who had the 1972 UK No.

  • US No. 7 single ‘School’s Out’, the 1972 hit ‘Elected’ and the 1973 US & UK No.
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What singers birthday is in July?

Indeed, July is a popular birthday month for country stars. Some of the other artists celebrating this month include Toby Keith, Rhonda Vincent, Luke Bryan, Zac Brown and Alison Krauss.

What composer was born in July?

Composers who were born in July

07/01/1926- HENZE, Hans Werner German
07/06/1877-12/17/1949 SMITH, David Stanley American
07/07/1739-02/28/1796 RUST, Friedrich German
07/07/1860-05/18/1911 MAHLER, Gustav Austrian
07/07/1882-10/27/1953 JACHIMECKI, Zdzislaw Polish

What is July 1st famous for?

On July 1, 1847, the United States Post Office issued its first general issue postage stamp , a five-cent stamp honoring Benjamin Franklin, the first postmaster general under the Continental Congress, and a ten-cent stamp honoring George Washington.

Who died on July 1?

Famous People Who Died on July 1

  • Brando, Marlon (2004) Don Corleone in The Godfather.
  • Fuller, Buckminster (1983) the inventor of the geodesic dome.
  • Matthau, Walter (2000) Curmudgeonly star of the film The Odd Couple.
  • Mitchum, Robert (1997)
  • Murray, Pauli (1985)
  • Stowe, Harriet Beecher (1896)
  • Vandross, Luther (2005)

Who died on this day in music?

Singer Don McLean memorialized Holly, Valens and Richardson in the 1972 No. 1 hit “American Pie,” which refers to February 3, 1959 as “the day the music died.”

What are July born called?

July babies’ horoscope sign is Cancer or Leo. Cancer babies tend to withdraw emotionally (so that’s Mom or Dad’s cue to give them lots of tools to learn how to cope with those big feelings). If your baby is born between July 23rd and 31st then he or she is a Leo.

What composers were born in August?

Composers who were born in August

08/01/1780-01/11/1843 KEY, Francis Scott American
08/03/1885-10/29/1962 SALOMON, Naphtali Siegfried
08/04/1748-11/08/1833 STADLER, Maximilian Austrian
08/04/1842-03/06/1917 PARKER, Henry English
08/04/1892-10/08/1971 BORDEWIJK-ROEPMAN, Johanna Dutch

What composers were born in September?

Composers who were born in September

09/01/1653-03/03/1706 PACHELBEL, Johann German
09/13/1819-05/20/1896 SCHUMANN, Clara Wieck German
09/13/1858-01/08/1942 ELLING, Catharinus Norwegian
09/13/1874-07/13/1951 SCHOENBERG, Arnold Franz Walter Austrian-American
09/14/1737-08/10/1806 HAYDN, Johann Michael Austrian