Is Macon Lugny a good wine?

Is Macon Lugny a good wine?

Mâcon-Lugny 2008 – The Guernsey Press and Star – December 2009 – “Exceptional Value”This is one of the most popular dry white wines in the island and is an ideal choice to go with the Christmas Day Turkey. It has a lemony, buttery flavour with good, balanced acidity and a long, dry finish. Exceptional value.

Where is Macon Lugny from?

Mâcon Lugny (or Mâcon-Lugny) wines are those produced under the Mâcon appellation within the communes of Bissy-la-Mâconnaise, Lugny, Saint-Gengoux-de-Scisse and Cruzille. Lugny is one of the better-known names of the Mâcon appellation, largely due to the success of the Cave de Lugny co-operative.

What grape is Macon Lugny?

Louis Latour Mâcon-Lugny 2019/20

Grape Chardonnay
Characteristics Peach, Apricot, Floral, Lemon
Type White
ABV ABV 13.00%
Region Burgundy

Is Macon Village a Chardonnay?

Mâcon-Villages is an appellation for dry white wines made from the Chardonnay grape variety. These are produced in selected communes of the Mâconnais wine area of southern Burgundy. The appellation represents a step up in quality from the standard Mâcon title.

What kind of wine is Montrachet?

Montrachet (pronounced Mon-rashay; French pronunciation: ​[mɔ̃ʁaʃɛ]) is an Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) and Grand Cru vineyard for white wine made of Chardonnay in the Côte de Beaune subregion of Burgundy.

Is Macon part of Burgundy?

Mâcon is the generic regional appellation for red, white and rosé wines from across the Mâconnais sub-region of southern Burgundy. In contrast to location-specific appellations like Pouilly-Fuissé, Mâcon AOC wines are representative of a particular quality level, rather than a particular terroir.

Is Macon Villages a good wine?

The typical Mâcon-Villages wine is lightly floral and fruity, with a warm hint of citrus fruit….Most Popular Macon-Villages Wine.

Wine Name Cave de Lugny Macon-Villages, Burgundy, France
Grape Chardonnay
Popularity 18,678th
Score 87
Avg Price $14

Is Macon Village a white Burgundy?

The Mâcon Villages area is located in the southern half of Burgundy, close to the Beaujolais area. This appellation is the largest of the Mâconnais area, covering about 2500 ha of vineyards and 43 communes. Mâcon Villages are only white wines.

Why is Montrachet wine so expensive?

Montrachet wines are the most expensive dry white wines in the world: prices can range from €150 to €2500 per 75 cl bottle. The price depends on the reputation of the producer (in Burgundy, vineyards are divided among multiple growers, and there can be substantial variation in quality) and the vintage.