How do I get HBO on Astro?

How do I get HBO on Astro?

Astro customers can also subscribe to HBO GO standalone via CH 200 at a lower price of RM25 per month. However, the standalone subscription will only work with the new app available for download from App Store or Google Play Store., as the HBO GO MY app (Android – 7.0. 193 / iOS – 7.0. 32_1.

What channel is HBO HD?

HBO HD East is on channel 501.

What’s on HBO Signature now?

HBO Signature HD East

  • The Birdcage. Airing: 9:25am ET. Movie.
  • The Reader. Airing: 11:25am ET. Movie.
  • News of the World. Airing: 1:30pm ET. Movie.
  • We’re Here. Airing: 3:30pm ET. TV Episode.
  • Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. Airing: 4:30pm ET. TV Episode.
  • Dreamgirls. Airing: 5:05pm ET.
  • Tully. Airing: 7:20pm ET.
  • Backtrack. Airing: 9:00pm ET.

How many channels does Astro have?

183 channels
Astro broadcasts 183 channels including 54 HD channels, delivered via DTH satellite TV via the Measat satellite network, IPTV and OTT platforms. The organisation operates from two centres.

Are all HBO channels HD?

Home Box Office said Tuesday that it has committed to making all 26 feeds of its HBO and Cinemax multiplex channels available in high-definition. HBO said it was the first national cable network to offer HD feeds, with HBO HDTV launching in 1999 and Cinemax HDTV in 2003. …

What is on HBO Signature West?

HBO Signature (West)

Time TV Show
4:15 pm Scenes From A Marriage In the Middle of the Night, In a Dark House – Season 1 Episode 5
5:15 pm This Is 40
7:30 pm The Campaign
9:00 pm El Cantante

What is playing on HBO Max?

HBO Max list: Exclusive movies and TV shows

  • Love Life.
  • Doom Patrol (Season 2)
  • Search Party (Season 3 and 4)
  • Adventure Time Distant Lands: BMO.
  • Adventure Time Distant Lands: Obsidian.
  • Close Enough.
  • An American Pickle.
  • The Fungies.

Is measat an Astro?

Astro is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad and is operated by MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn.