What size valves are in 706 heads?

What size valves are in 706 heads?

See all 18 photos The smallest of the bunch, the 5.3L 706 (and 4.8L) heads featured a 1.89/1.55 valve combination and a 61.5cc chamber volume.

Are 193 heads vortec?

The 193’s are TBI heads (1987-1995) and have intake runners of arund 150cc with swirl port design with a 67cc chamber – basically first generation Vortec. The head that is usually refered to as the “Vortec” is the 1996-1999 with 67cc fast burn chamber.

Are 193 heads any good?

193 is typical of most TBI ’87’95 iron heads, with half the intake valve-bowl approach blocked off—not good for serious performance. With any decent cam, most castings in this series of heads will give up at 3,500-4,000 rpm. Knight says the main exceptions are the ’87-’91 Camaro/Firebird 350-TPI head (casting No.

What size valves are in 882 heads?

GM 882 Iron The smallest of the GM heads we tested at only 151 cc, the 882, turned out to be the best-flowing of the early iron heads. This head was tested with the 1.94/1.50 valves.

Are Vortec heads worth it?

The vortec heads make good power- if you are running upwards of . 500 lift- yes you will need some machine work – but they work good. Not sure who makes the Speedway heads or if they are imported of not.

Are TBI heads good?

The TBI heads are excellent torquey street heads. Yeah If you want a racecar then you’d be better off with something else. BUT, if you actually address the issues that restrict any STOCK TBI engine from making power above 3500RPM (exhaust, cam, Ult TBI-mods, tune etc.)

Are 706 heads better than 862?

The 706Vortec heads are even slightly superior to the commonly found 862 heads. The reason is that the 706 heads are SPM (semi-permanent mold) made, while the 862 heads are sand cast. The SPM method is considered to be a more consistent process, but once you port the 862 head, any difference to the 706 head goes away.