Who is the CIO of Land O Lakes?

Who is the CIO of Land O Lakes?

Marc Carlson
Marc Carlson is vice president and chief information officer for Land O’Lakes Inc., where he manages the IT organization and focuses on optimizing operations and infrastructure, deploys new projects, and manages relationships with IT suppliers.

Who is Land O’Lakes owned by?

Land O’Lakes, Inc. is an American member-owned agricultural cooperative based in the Minneapolis-St….Land O’Lakes.

Type Agricultural cooperative
Headquarters Arden Hills, Minnesota , U.S.
Key people Beth Ford (President & CEO)
Products Dairy foods, animal nutrition, seed and crop protection
Revenue $14.9 billion (2018)

What is Land O’Lakes net worth?

(Feb. 27, 2019) – Land O’Lakes, Inc. today reported net sales of $14.9 billion and net earnings of $255 million for the year ending December 31, 2018 compared with net sales of $13.7 billion and net earnings of $365 million in 2017.

Does Purina Own Land O Lakes?

The deal that gave Purina Mills Inc. Land O’Lakes, headed by President and Chief Executive Jack Gherty, is a farmer-owned food and agricultural cooperative. Purina Mills would join Land O’Lakes’ Farmland Feed LLC.

What products does Land O Lakes make?

All Products

  •  Butter + Spreads. Tub Butter Products. Made with quality ingredients, it’s the taste you love, spreadable right out of the fridge.
  •  Cheese. Sliced Deli Cheese.
  •  Margarine. Margarine.
  •  Plant-Based. Plant-Based.
  •  Eggs. Eggs.
  •  Whipping Cream and Half & Half. Whipping Cream.
  •  Cocoa. Cocoa Classics®
  •  Milk. Milk.

Is Land O’Lakes butter real?

This butter (e.g. Land O’Lakes and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!) is generally lower in fat, saturated fat and calories than typical butter or margarine. The soft texture is due to the combination of butter and vegetable oil (or other flavorings and fillers), making it best for spreading.