How long do WaterBoss water softeners last?

How long do WaterBoss water softeners last?

between 10 and 15 years
Just like any other appliance, a water softener will only last for so long. Eventually, components break, electrical problems occur, and it just stops working. While they can last much longer if well maintained, water softeners have a typical lifespan of between 10 and 15 years.

Why is my WaterBoss water softener full of water?

If your WaterBoss 900 brine tank is full of water, it is likely because the injector is clogged. The injector is the part of the WaterBoss 900 water softener that removes water from the brine tank. If your WaterBoss 900 brine tank is full of water, you may simply need to clean the injector.

How do I reset my WaterBoss water softener?

Resetting the Unit To reset the unit, remove the transformer from the power outlet, then let the WaterBoss rest for 30 seconds before plugging the transformer back into the wall. This cycles the water softener’s power, sometimes enabling the controller to find the home position once again.

Why is my WaterBoss softener using so much salt?

Excessive salt usage can oftentimes be the result of leaking valves or improper controls leading to overflowing brine systems, causing highly concentrated and highly valued salt water to be lost before even entering the regeneration process.

Why does my water softener say error?

If a malfunction occurs, an error code will appear in the display which indicates an electrical problem in the timer, the motor, the wiring, etc. If you just installed your water softener, it is possible that you have a loose or disconnected wiring in the control.

How do I reset my 900 WaterBoss?

Press the POWERCLEAN button on the controller pad if your water has a high amount of iron present. The powerClean cycle sets the WaterBoss 900 to regenerate every other day, regardless of the hardness setting.

Can I regenerate my water softener in bypass mode?

During regeneration, the softener is automatically put in bypass mode. In bypass mode, the softener allows hard water to enter the home if any tap is turned on. Once the softener has regenerated, water is again directed through the resin bed to be softened. Your water softener works on a pressurized system.

How do you know if your water softener is bad?

Immediate signs of hard water that reveal trouble with your water softener include:

  1. Soap not lathering.
  2. Clothes feeling rough or appear dingy after laundry.
  3. Spots or streaks on dishes or glassware.
  4. Dull, lifeless hair or dry, itchy skin.
  5. Soap scum on the shower, tub, and other surfaces.