Where is energy suspension located?

Where is energy suspension located?

San Clemente, CA
To ensure its customers receive the quality they expect, Energy Suspension employs a strict dedication to quality production, managing the entire product span from research & development to chemical formulation and manufacturing all housed in its factory located in San Clemente, CA.

Is energy suspension Made in USA?

Made in the USA with Energy Suspension’s proprietary formula of polyurethane, these kits cover many of the most important bushing positions like the front and rear control arm bushings, body and subframe mounts, leaf spring, or trailing arm bushings (depending on your make and model).

What are Energy suspension bushings?

Energy Suspension bushings work like cartilage in between the bones in your body. They make a perfect connections between the different parts of your suspension. This results in perfect suspension alignment and drastically better handling.

What is the difference between red and black Energy suspension bushings?

Aside from the actual color, there isn’t really a difference at all between the red and the black. They are the same durometer, or hardness, so they will perform the same and both should last the life of your vehicle.

Are Energy suspension bushings good?

Polyurethane bushings are what Energy Suspension is best known for and it’s with good reason. Their polyurethane bushings are far more durable than rubber, will last the lifetime of the car, and owners can choose from the subtle black or aggressive red components.

Are poly bushings worth it?

For anyone looking to upgrade their suspension, poly bushings are a great choice. Here’s how poly stacks up against rubber: Ride Quality: Due to their hardness, polyurethane bushings often lead to a bumpy ride. Since they’re not as good at dampening, passengers are also subjected to a lot more noise and vibration.

How long do suspension bushings last?


Polyurethane Suspension Bushings Rubber Suspension Bushings
Hardness Harder and less pliable Softer and more pliable
Lifespan Life of vehicle Same as original bushing
Squeaking Small chance of squeaking No chance of squeaking
Maintenance Greasing every 4-5 years None

How long do Poly bushes last?