What is so special about the Wall Drug?

What is so special about the Wall Drug?

Today, Wall Drug is still famous for its free ice water, but is also a favorite stop for millions of tourists each year because it is a cultural and historical site while remaining a fun, relaxing break for the entire family.

How many signs are there for Wall Drug?

What is Wall Drug? (333 Billboards outside Wall Drug, SD) What is Wall Drug? It’s a drug store and restaurant and gift shop mall and tourist trap on I-90 just outside Badlands National Park in the little town of Wall, South Dakota. For many of us, it’s a reminder of our childhood – long car trips on I-90 out west.

Where is the Wall Drug 80 foot dinosaur?

South Dakota
The City of Wall, South Dakota It’s hard to miss the 80-foot dinosaur as you close upon Wall Drug. Located near the northern “wall” of the South Dakota Badlands, Wall, South Dakota is a small American town with a huge personality.

Does Wall Drug sell cowboy hats?

Wall Drug Store Today Also find specialty clothing, like boots, leather goods and cowboy hats.

Is Wall Drug worth visiting?

It is most definitely worth the stop. Even if you are just grabbing some free water and snapping some fun pics, it is a great way to break up your drive! Wall Drug is located about 55 miles east of Rapid City, SD (roughly an hour away).

Who started Wall Drug?

Ted Hustead
South Dakota lost one of its tourism heroes this week. Wall Drug Czar Ted Hustead (1902-1999) died in a Philip, SD, hospital at the age of 96. He and his wife Dorothy started Wall Drug in 1931. Dorothy’s idea of the lure of “Free Ice Water” in the Black Hills – Badlands region turned it into a must-see detour off I-90.

How much money does Wall Drug spend on billboards?

A current marketing budget for Wall Drug is hard to pin down, but Target Marketing has suggested it’s in the neighborhood of $300,000 annually, which covers its famous signs and bumper stickers that are given away for free (one per family, per visit).

Is Wall Drug on the way to the Badlands?

Where the Heck is Wall Drug? When traveling through South Dakota on the way to Badlands National Park, about one hour outside of Rapid City, you will start to see signs for Wall Drug.

What state is Wall Drug in?

Wall Drug Store/State

Wall Drug has a rich history in the state of South Dakota. Nestled in the city of Wall in the western part of the state, Wall Drug has grown from its humble beginnings in 1931 to a thriving oasis.

Where the heck is the Wall Drug?

Wall Drug Store, often called simply Wall Drug, is a roadside attraction and tourist stop located in the town of Wall, South Dakota, adjacent to Badlands National Park.