Is arm lock putting illegal?

Is arm lock putting illegal?

Arm-locking is, of course, legal under the Rules of Golf. According to Rule 10.1b, a player’s putting stroke must not include an “anchor point” on which they plant their forearm — i.e., the technique used with broomstick putters, with the end of the putter (or the player’s forearm) anchored against a player’s chest.

Should I try arm lock putting?

While it may look odd to some, using an arm lock putter can be extremely effective. Players who are ‘handsy’ and tend to get the ‘yips’ on the putting green have much improvement with an arm lock putter because it minimizes your ability to move your hands during the putting stroke.

What is the arm lock putting stroke?

The arm lock style gets it’s name from how the putter stays connected to the golfer’s lead forearm throughout the putting stroke. At address, the golfer presses the grip against the lead forearm (beneath the elbow with significant forward shaft lean.

Can you put an arm lock grip on any putter?

Put it on any existing putter you have and try it out to see if Arm Lock putting is for you. A golfers putter, putter grip, and putting technique is a personal preference. It’s essential for every golfer to find out what works best for them.

Can you anchor your putter to your arm?

A. Yes. Rule 14-1b only applies to strokes made with the club anchored, either directly or through the use of a forearm to establish an anchor point. The player holds a chest-length putter without club, gripping hand or forearm held against his body (right).

What is wrong with arm lock putting?

Because the putter is designed to lean up against your forearm, it requires a longer shaft, a lot more offset, and more than double the amount of loft of most shorter putters.

Who uses arm-lock putters?

Other arm-lock putters on tour include Bryson DeChambeau, Matt Kuchar, and Keegan Bradley. DeChambeau tried a variety of putting methods including side-saddle before settling on the arm-lock style. He finished 10th on the PGA Tour in strokes gained putting last season.

Can you put an arm-lock grip on any putter?

What size arm lock putter should I get?

The standard length we recommend when beginning to experiment with an Armlock putter is 40”. Bettinardi offers 40” to 42” options when it comes to selecting lengths.