How do you get a Sim to accept a proposal?

How do you get a Sim to accept a proposal?

To get your Sims’ relationship to a level where this can be accomplished, you must build up 40% ‘friendship’ and ‘romance’ between the two. First, they must be in a relationship, but when you get to this level, the ‘propose’ option will appear in the romance menu.

Can a Sim reject a proposal?

The Sims 4 Noncommittal Sims are more likely to reject a proposal than other Sims, even if the couple in question has a high relationship. After Sims are engaged, they can either elope or plan a wedding. Otherwise, there will simply be a notification letting the player know they can move Sims between households.

Why is there no option to propose Sims 3?

For a Sim to propose marriage to another Sim, you need to do a lot of romantic actions in a row until the other Sim thinks that they’re being extremely irresistible. If that’s not happening: Is the Sim that you’re trying to propose a member of your household or does he/she live in another house?

Why cant my Sims get engaged?

Try lowering the relationship levels of your two legacy sims or have them break up. Then build up their relationship again and see if that helps. I too had the same problem with my Sims trying to get engaged (“Marrying a Sim in your employ would be inappropriate.

Why can’t I propose in sims Mobile?

You need to be on flirty mode, level 4 relationship, AND all these three things :floral pillar, windowed rose lattice, wedding arch. You have to actually put in your yard. Keep it inside the box not going to get your sims have this propose option.

Can Sims have a baby without being married Sims Freeplay?

Only adult female sims can become pregnant but they don’t have to be married! Once the quest is over you can still earn maternity tokens to buy all the items from the maternity store by completing another pregnancy event (206,740 tokens are needed in total to buy everything from the maternity store)