What size are grease gun fittings?

What size are grease gun fittings?

The most common standard grease fitting size is 1/4″‑28 SAE‑LT and is often used in automotive applications. They can also be found in agricultural environments as well as other various standard duty applications. For heavy duty applications, larger 1/8″‑27 PTF zerk fittings can be found.

What size drill and tap for a grease fitting?

Grease Fitting Thread Size

Fitting Thread Size Tap Drill Selection For Standard Thread Fittings Drill Size Selection for Spin Drive Fittings
1/4″-28 #3 (for soft metal use #5) “A” – .234″ Dia.
5/16″-32 9/32″ (for soft metal use “J”)
1/8″ Pipe 11/32″ (for soft metal use “R”) 3/8 – .375″ Dia.*
1/4″ Pipe 7/16″

What are the different types of grease fittings?

There are three major thread types for grease fittings: metric, taper or parallel, and unified. M5, M6, M7, M8, and M10 are common metric threads. British standard pipe (BSP), pipe thread fine (PTF), and national pipe thread fine (NPTF) fittings use tapered or parallel threads.

What size drill bit do you use for a 5’8 tap?

To Tap This Size Screw Or Bolt: Use This Drill Bit: Decimal Inches
5/8-11 NC 17/32″ .5312
16mm-2.00mm 14.2mm .5590
5/8-18 NF 37/64″ .5781
16mm-1.50mm 14.7mm .5787

Can you over grease a Zerk fitting?

Use Just Enough: Don’t overfill when you grease Zerk fittings. Usually, three or four pumps of grease are enough and over-greasing a joint pushes grease out the aforementioned seals, which attracts dust, sand, and dirt. Contaminated grease can damage moving parts, so avoid having excess squish out the seals.