What is the biggest shopping mall in Germany?

What is the biggest shopping mall in Germany?

CentrO. CentrO is a popular shopping mall in Oberhausen, Germany that has been attracting visitors for more than 20 years. This shopping mall bags the position of being the largest shopping mall in Germany sprawling across a swanky space 31 acres (12.5 hectares) at the heart of the Neue Mitte commercial district.

What are malls called in Germany?

List of shopping malls in Germany

Name Location Opened
Lurup Center Hamburg-Lurup 2012
Marktkauf Center Hamburg-Harburg 1983
Süderelbe Einkaufszentrum Hamburg-Harburg 1982
Einkauszentrum Langenhorner Markt Hamburg-Langenhorn 1965

What is the largest shopping mall in Europe?

Cevahir – Istanbul, Turkey This is the largest shopping centre in Europe at an impressive 3.47 million square feet, located on the Büyükdere Avenue in the Şişli district of Istanbul. There are 343 shops and 48 restaurants in the shopping centre, which take up six floors.

How many shopping centers are there in Germany?

493 shopping centers
Germany has 493 shopping centers. German shopping malls are an expected fixture of urban life and a popular retail destination for both locals and visitors alike.

How many shopping malls are in Berlin?

67 shopping malls
There are 67 shopping malls in Berlin — far too many, says columnist Gero Schliess.

What should I shop in Germany?

The Best Souvenirs to Buy in Germany

  • Christmas ornaments. Germany basically invented the traditional British Christmas (thanks, Queen Victoria!)
  • A bit of the Berlin Wall.
  • Ampelmännchen.
  • Beer steins.
  • Sauerkraut juice.
  • Feuerzangebowle set.
  • Dirndl and/or lederhosen.
  • Furniture.