What are the test to be done for distribution transformer?

What are the test to be done for distribution transformer?

1. Power Transformer Tests. These tests include winding insulation resistance test, winding resistance test, vector group test, tan delta test, no-load test or iron losses, load test or copper losses, temperature rise test, partial discharge test, frequency response analysis test, and transformer oil breakdown test.

What test are performed for testing of transformer oil?

The most important test that can be done on the liquid insulation of a transformer is an annual Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA). This test can give an early indication of abnormal behavior of the transformer. As the name implies, this test analyzes the type and quantity of gases that are dissolved in the transformer oil.

What is the procedure of oil testing of transformer?

Transformer Oil Testing

Transformer oil tests Transformer oil test methods
Density at 15°C ASTM D4052
Specific Gravity ASTM D4052
Suspended Particles in Oil Visual
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage ASTM D877

What are the types of transformer testing?

Four Methods for Testing Transformers

  • Turns Ratio Testing. Turns ratio transformer testing is commonly used to ensure that the winding ratio between the primary and secondary coils are aligned to recommended specifications.
  • Insulation Resistance Testing.
  • Power Factor Testing.
  • Resistance Testing.

How do you maintain a distribution transformer?

  1. The distribution transformer forms a link between the consumers and primary distribution.
  2. Dielectric strength of transformer oil shall be checked once in a year.
  3. Acidity of transformer oil shall be checked once in a year.
  4. Oil level shall be checked once in a month.

What is the special test on transformer?

Transformer vector group test. Measurement of impedance voltage/short circuit impedance (principal tap) and load loss (Short circuit test) Measurement of no-load loss and current (Open circuit test) Measurement of insulation resistance.

What is DGA test for transformer oil?

Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is an examination of electrical transformer oil contaminants. Insulating materials within electrical equipment liberate gases as they slowly break down over time.

What is BDV test in transformer oil?

BDV test means the Breakdown Voltage Test. This test is performed for verifying the dielectric strength of the oil of the transformer. Dielectric Strength is the maximum capacity to resist the voltage of insulating oil.