Where is Huffer brand from?

Where is Huffer brand from?

New Zealand
Huffer is a New Zealand clothing brand and company started in the late 1990s by New Zealanders Steve Dunstan and Daniel Buckley….Huffer.

Type Private
Founded 1997 in New Zealand
Founders Steve Dunstan, Daniel Buckley
Headquarters New Zealand
Number of locations 11 (2018)

When was Huffer made?

Founded in 1997 by two friends with a love of skateboarding, local success story Huffer has grown to become one of New Zealand’s most well loved fashion brands.

Is Huffer a New Zealand brand?

Born in the hills and praised on the street, Huffer has firmly settled itself as an iconic street wear brand inspired by innovation and style. Huffer is Influenced by New Zealand and inspired by the world.

Is Huffer a cool brand?

“Huffer was a big break for our store, and by that time it was three years in and gaining momentum as a rising streetwear brand. It has Kiwi ingenuity, relevance and a cool, inclusive aesthetic.

Are Huffers sustainable?

Huffer is aware of environmental impacts and have formed a sustainable process for all Down products purchased. Any Huffer Down product that is returned to be recycled, Huffer will reward the customer with a $50 gift voucher. If the garment is received in good condition it will be donated to charity.

What does Huffer mean?

Filters. A drug addict who gets a high by inhaling or sniffing intoxicating fumes, as in glue or aerosols. noun. A bully; a blusterer.

Who created Huffer?

Steve Dunstan
The Auckland-based wholesale company was founded by former “part-professional” snowboarder Steve Dunstan when he was 21 years old and has eight stores in New Zealand and three across the ditch in Australia.

Who owns Huffer NZ?

founder Steve Dunstan
Huffer founder Steve Dunstan talks expanding into Asia, going on tour and retail success – NZ Herald.

What is Huffer Sizing like?

WHAT SIZE WILL I BE IN HUFFER? We try not to approximate our sizes to a standard size, as our clothing is an oversized streetwear fit. Measurements are provided for each item in the description, so check those out for reference! For most items we are true to size, so go for your normal fit.

Is Huffer made in China?

Internationally, Huffer is focused on continuing its expansions in the Australian market, and also has its sights on wholesaling into Japan, China – where most of Huffer’s product is made – and Korea. Huffer has eight retail stores in New Zealand and three in Australia.

What is a Huffer sandwich?

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Who are the founders of Huffer clothing company?

A snowboarder named Steve Dunstan (left) and a skateboarding design student, Dan Buckley (second from right, under lampshade), set up Huffer Clothing in 1997 to make board-sports inspired fashion.

Where does the last name Huffer come from?

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