How do you use Gokilaht?

How do you use Gokilaht?

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Steps for dilution: Step 1: Shake Gokilaht® 10MC container well Step 2: Measure the required amount of Gokilaht 10MC into the spray tank Step 3: Dilute to the appropriate level using water Step 4: Agitate the spray tank before spraying Please note that the microcapsules are NOT broken or damaged by …

What is Gokilat?

Gokilaht®-S 5EC is a highly recommended household and public health insecticide manufactured by Sumitomo chemicals. This product is used control various species of mosquitoes by fogging. Also effective for cockroaches, houseflies, bedbugs etc. Dosage : 8ml Gokilaht®-S 5EC in 1 Litre Kerosene / Diesel.

How do you use Cyphenothrin 5 EC?

Dosage : 20 ml in 1 litre water (Broad Spectrum Spray). 7 ml in 1 litre water for outdoor fogging and 10ml in 1 litre water for indoor fogging.

What do the professionals use for mosquitoes?

Natural pyrethrins and synthetic pyrethroids Natural pyrethrins are extracted from some chrysanthemum flowers. Mosquito control professionals use natural pyrethrins, often referred to as pyrethrum, to kill adult mosquitoes using ULV spraying. Synthetic pyrethroids are similar to natural pyrethrins.

What chemicals are used in pest control in India?

  • Deltamethrin.
  • Pyrethrum Extract.
  • Pyrethroid Insecticide.
  • Propoxur.
  • Cyfluthrin.
  • Metaldehyde.
  • Pyrethrin.
  • Allethrin.

Which liquid is used for pest control?

JALLAD LIQUID Powerful Insect Killer Strong Household Insecticide pest Control \ (4 x 87.5 ml)

Fragrance Multi-Fragrance
Usage Instruction Use as per direction provided on packing label, mix with water/kerose accordingly, use less water/kerosene for more effect

What are two consequences of spraying insecticides to get rid of mosquitoes?

Spraying can harm you, your kids, pets and your neighbors. The chemicals can also harm birds and insects that help eat mosquitos and pollinate your yard.

What kind of sprayer to use for gokilaht’s 5ec?

It is remarkably lethal, has a quick knockdown effect and is excellent for flushing out pests in relatively lower concentrations. GokilahtⓇ-S 5EC can be applied using a variety of sprayers such as ULV, thermal fogger, power and knapsack sprayers, etc.

Which is better permethrin 5ec or gokilaht 5ec?

GokilahtⓇ-S 5EC can be applied using a variety of sprayers such as ULV, thermal fogger, power and knapsack sprayers, etc. The product performs more efficiently than Permethrin 5EC in glass chamber, CSMA direct spray, flushing-out test and residual contact methods.

What is the formula for gokilaht’s 5ec?

GokilahtⓇ-S 5EC is an emulsifiable concentrate formulation, which was developed for professional pest control operators to use. Its formula contains a synthetic pyrethroid, GokilahtⓇ-S, an optical isomer of GokilahtⓇ (cyphenothrin).