Who was Aron Eisenberg married to?

Who was Aron Eisenberg married to?

Malíssa Longom. 2018–2019
Aron Eisenberg/Spouse

What disease did Aron Eisenberg have?

Eisenberg was adopted into a Jewish family. He was born with only one partially functioning kidney, limiting his height, and received a kidney transplant at the age of 17.

How old was Aron Eisenberg when he played Nog on DS9?

50 years (1969–2019)
Aron Eisenberg/Age at death

Why is Nog so short?

Aron Eisenberg, an actor known for playing Nog on ‘Star Trek: DS9,’ dies at 50. Eisenberg, who stood 5 feet tall, was born with one kidney and had battled health problems throughout his life, undergoing two transplants — most recently in 2015. The kidney trouble had stunted his growth.

What happened to Nog after DS9?

Following the conclusion of the war, Nog continued to serve aboard DS9, under Colonel Kira, performing seemingly mundane, and welcome tasks such as creating duty rosters and cargo inventories.

What happened to Nog on Deep Space Nine?

Nog receives a commission as ensign shortly before Starfleet retakes Deep Space Nine during the Dominion War (“Favor the Bold”). In the height of the Dominion War, Nog loses his leg due to a battle injury (“The Siege of AR-558”).

Does Odo ever become a changeling again?

Odo pours the child into his hands and asks it not to die. But then the changeling absorbs itself into Odo’s body—and then suddenly he finds that he can change shape again. The infant’s final act was to make Odo a changeling again.

Why was Aron Eisenberg so small?

Born in Hollywood, California, USA, Eisenberg underwent a kidney transplant when he was a teenager, which stunted his growth at 5 feet.

Does Nog get his leg back?

After having his leg replaced after a battle injury during the Siege of AR-558, and following weeks of rehabilitation, Nog returns to Deep Space Nine. Nog decides to stay long-term in the simulation of 1962 Las Vegas, and although Nog’s family is skeptical, counselor Ezri Dax consents to the idea to see where it leads.

How old was Aron Eisenberg when he died?

Facebook Malissa Longo and Aron Eisenberg. Malissa Longo is and actress the wife of late actor Aron Eisenber g’s wife, who wrote a touching tribute announcing her husband’s unexpected death. Eisenberg, known best as Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, died Saturday, September 21, 2019, Longo announced on Facebook. He was 50 years old.

How much does Aron Eisenberg make per hour?

The exact details about Aron’s net worth and salary are not available. The average salary of actors in America is around $39.84 per hour. Aron might earn more than the average salary from his work due to his experience in the industry. His net worth is also aided by the photography, he has currently found an interest in.

When did Aron Eisenberg and Malissa Longo get married?

Longo and Eisenberg were married December 28, 2018. They were planning to have a big wedding to celebrate their union, but they were waiting to save up money, she wrote in the Facebook post. The two were engaged November 26, 2016 after dating for about three years, according to StarTrek.com.

Who is Aron Eisenberg in the Secret World of Alex Mack?

Eisenberg was a recurring guest star on the ’90s TV series The Secret World of Alex Mack, in which he played the character Jerry. He appeared in films such as The Liars’ Club, Puppet Master III, Streets, and The Horror Show .