Where are the 2022 Commonwealth Games supposed to be?

Where are the 2022 Commonwealth Games supposed to be?

Sitting in the heart of the UK, Birmingham is perfectly positioned to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games. It will be the third time England has hosted the Games, following on from London in 1934 and more recently Manchester in 2002.

What is excluded from Commonwealth Games in 2022?

The Commonwealth Archery and Shooting Championships, which were scheduled to be held in Chandigarh before the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games, have been cancelled due to the “uncertainty” posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Which game will return to the Commonwealth Games in 2022 after 24 years?

“Birmingham 2022 will be at the heart of superb summer of sport, which will be particularly exciting for sports fans in the UK, with the UEFA Women’s Football Championships and the Commonwealth Games being held back to back.”

Where will the 2026 Commonwealth Games be held?

The 2026 Commonwealth Games, officially known as the XXIII Commonwealth Games, is a multi-sport event for members of the Commonwealth to be organised in a city designated by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF)….2026 Commonwealth Games.

Host city TBD
Queen’s Baton Final Runner TBD
Main venue TBD

Which city will host the 2024 Commonwealth Games?

Birmingham, England
2022 Commonwealth Games

Host city Birmingham, England
Motto Games for Everyone
Nations participating 72 Commonwealth nations (expected)
Athletes participating 5054
Events 283 in 20 sports

Which country will host Commonwealth Shooting and Archery Championships in 2022?

“A Commonwealth Archery and Shooting Championships is set to take place in India in 2022 after a proposal to stage the event was approved by the CGF Executive Board,” the CGF said in a release.