How much are Air Jordan Space Jams worth?

How much are Air Jordan Space Jams worth?

A one-of-a-kind pair of Air Jordan sneakers created for Michael Jordan in honor of his starring role in the hit Looney Toons feature Space Jam just sold for $176,400 at Sotheby’s against a $150,000 to $200,000 estimate. Produced in 1995, the size-13 Nikes are autographed by Jordan on the left shoe.

What Jordans is Jordan wearing in Space Jam?

Created in 1995, the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” sneakers were worn by the NBA legend in the famous final basketball game between the Loony Tunes squad and the alien “Monstars.” With only a handful in existence, this particular pair was made to Jordan’s exact specifications, though they never actually made it onto his …

Are space jams rare?

These MJ-Signed “Space Jam” Jordans Are as Rare as It Gets Sotheby’s continues to offer some of the rarest sneakers in the world at auction. After recently revealing a pair of Bill Bowerman-made track spikes that are expected to fetch over $1 million, the auction house is back with yet another exclusive drop.

Why do Space Jam 11s have 45?

The “45” was featured on the heel of Jordan’s original PE and samples for the 2000 retro. When Michael Jordan returned to basketball, designers adjusted the “23” on the heel of his Air Jordan 11s to his new number 45.

Will LeBron Have Space Jam shoes?

Nike LeBron 19 LeBron and Nike coordinated the unveiling of the King’s 19th signature shoe just weeks before the release of Space Jam 2. The orange and blue colorway was worn most frequently in the movie, with the colors matching the bright Tune Squad jerseys in the pivotal basketball game.

What shoes is LeBron wearing in Space Jam?

How do I know if my Space Jam 11s are legit?

Air Jordan 11 Space Jam’s have a rounded shape to the toe box. Make sure there is a nice smooth transition from toe tip to forefoot, it should not be a boxy shape. The rubber outsole is transparent so check that you can see the black patent leather upper through the translucent toe tip.