What is Makoto Shinkai working on now?

What is Makoto Shinkai working on now?

In fact, if you wanted to check out his newest work, Weathering With You is now streaming on HBO Max.

What anime is Makoto Shinkai from?

Makoto Shinkai
Nationality Japanese
Education Chuo University
Occupation Animator filmmaker author manga artist
Known for The Place Promised in Our Early Days 5 Centimeters per Second Children Who Chase Lost Voices The Garden of Words Your Name Weathering With You

Is the crossroad anime sad?

Probably the most common reaction after watching these commercial cuts, and certainly the utter sadness for Shinkai fans. As a classic Shinkai production, some might feel also emotional affected by these short movies.

Is Mitsuha older than Taki?

( Yes ) Mitsuha is 3 years older than Taki. And they were swapping their spirits frequently, beyond DISTANCE and TIME.

Is Weathering with you better than Your Name?

While Weathering With You has a slightly more lopsided love story, that doesn’t make it bad. But it does mean Your Name packs a much bigger emotional punch, while Weathering With You is thrilling in the moment but maybe dissipates a little after you think about it. Whichever film you prefer, one thing is for sure.

What is cross road?

1 : a road that crosses a main road or runs cross-country between main roads. 2 usually crossroads\ ˈkrȯs-​ˌrōdz also -​ˈrōdz \ plural in form but singular or plural in construction. a : the place of intersection of two or more roads. b(1) : a small community located at such a crossroads.

Is Cross Road worth watching?

It is a wonderful sight to the eyes and very pleasant to the ears. Definitely worth 2 minutes of your life….Reviews.

Overall 9
Story 8
Animation 10
Sound 10
Character 9

Is Mitsuha dead?

Taki and Mitsuha Forget Because Mitsuha never died, she and Taki now exist in present day.

Are there English subtitles for Cross Road anime?

The YouTube streams have English subtitles that can turned on in the Closed Captions (CC) menu. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Who is the director of the Cross Road commercial?

Correspondence education service Z-Kai released “Cross Road,” a television commercial directed by anime director Makoto Shinkai (The Garden of Words, Children Who Chase Lost Voices), on Tuesday. The project debuted on television, YouTube, and Niconico in 120-, 30-, and 15-second versions on the same day.

Who are the main characters in Cross Road?

The story of “Cross Road” centers on high school students Miho ( Ayane Sakura) and Shōta ( Kensho Ono) as they prepare for tests. Miho comes from an island without even one cram school, while Shōta lives in Tokyo and works a part-time job. Both are striving to pass tests so they can enter college.

Where did the song Cross Road come from?

The tune for “Cross Road” was based on an Irish folk melody. See more » This FAQ is empty. Add the first question.