Is Kampong Cham safe?

Is Kampong Cham safe?

Kampong Cham is a relatively safe place to visit. Violent crime against visitors is rare but there have been some incidents of snatch theft by gangs using motorbikes.

What is Kampong Cham known for?

Kampong Cham’s main street. Leafy and quaint! Named for the region’s Cham ethnic group and home to the majority of Cambodia’s Muslim population, Kampong Cham city has a very different feel to the rest of the country.

What is the famous mountain in Kampong Cham?

Han Chey Mountain
Phnom Han Chey – Kampong Cham Han Chey Mountain has official name Chey Kiri Mountain located at the East of Kampong Cham province, at the northern part of Mekong River.

In what century was wat Nokor Bachey built?

11th century
The temple was built in the middle of the 11th century, during the reign of Suryavarman II and King Ouphey dedecating to Brahmanism. The temple is about 200 meters inside the gate. The site is accessibleto almost all types of vehicles.

How many districts are in Kampong Cham province?

16 districts
The province is divided up into 16 districts, with 173 communes and 1,748 villages.

How many communes are there in Kampong Cham?

Kampong Cham is subdivided into 9 districts and 1 municipality which in turn are subdivided into communes (khum) which are further divided into villages (phum)….Administration.

ISO Code 03-03
District Cheung Prey
Khmer ស្រុកជើងព្រៃ
Population (2019) 92,898

Why is Phnom Srey higher than Phnom Pros?

Thus men still need to ask the women’s parents for permission, and Phnom Srei is higher than Phnom Pros. There are modern hilltop temples on each of the hills that you can explore. Phnom Srei also offers good countryside views, while Phnom Pros is considered to be a good relaxation spot.

What is the meaning of nokor?

Indigenous Khmer people inhabited Angkor or Nokor region, meaning “city” or “nagara” in Sanskrit, long before and after.