What is a good CMAT score?

What is a good CMAT score?

CMAT cut offs of top MBA colleges accepting the exam score are usually around 95 to 99 percentile every year. Not much change in the CMAT exam cut offs has been witnessed in the past few years.

Is 150 a good score in CMAT?

With an expecting score of 140 – 150 will help you to secure 85% Percentile. With your expeceted CMAT Score of 140 – 150, given below is the list of colleges where you have a good probability of getting selected: Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi. Jaipuria Institute Of Management, Noida.

What is percentile in CMAT?

Percentile P = 100 x Number of candidates appeared in the examination with raw marks equal to or less than the candidate/Total number of candidates appeared. For example, suppose 10,000 candidates appeared in CMAT exam. And candidate A has got No.1 Rank. His CMAT percentile score will be: 100 x 9999/10,000= 99.99.

Who is Cetking?

About Us. Founded by Ravneet Gandhi from JBIMS and Avneet Bhatia from IIT , Bombay in the year 2012. Has grown from 100 students in the first year to touching more than 25,000 lives till date.

Is 140 a good score in CMAT?

ANSWER (1) The CMAT score above 140 is good enough for SPU if meeting the other eligibility criteria.

Is NTA score equal to percentile?

Percentile scores are the percentage of candidates that have scored either equal to or lesser than the raw score you obtained. NTA score is the percentile scores or positional position of the students who have shown up for the JEE assessment.

Are Cetking and Catking brothers?

First of all Cetking is different from Catking. Rahul Singh used to work with Cetking earlier but left us to start his own with similar name Catking. Even after repeated requests he kept similar name.

Are Cetking books good?

CETking books ar every lucid and has top class problems and good mix of difficult and easyproblems as per MAHCET difficulty level. Books contain all important ropics and priblems from previous years papers. Solutions too provided for jnsolved questions alongside mock papers for practice. Overall recommended.

What is the highest marks in CMAT 2021?

CMAT 2021 Scoring pattern Maximum Total Marks are 400 for 100 questions. +4 marks awarded for the each correct answer.